Heart to Heart 533 Just Show Up

Just Show Up

Sometimes life can be challenging in many ways.  If we are desiring to make the world a better place, it can appear to be a daunting task.  What do we do first?  We may work hard and not have enough time.  We may have a lot of family concerns and commitments.  We may not have much money or resources to help us create what we desire.  When we get into this space of overwhelm, it is sometimes a valuable exercise to take a small break.

Then just show up. Take the next step that occurs to you, it will be the right one.  We are not in charge. We are the arms, legs, hearts, lungs of the One Mind.  We get to make choices that are always in harmony with the Universe.  Here is my agreement with the Universe.  I say hey big “U, you have all-encompassing wisdom, knowledge, and resources.  I am here in this limited Earth space suit. As such, I have limited knowledge and understanding. So I am going to set out in a direction that feels right to me. If in your infinite wisdom, you would like me to go in a different direction, please create whatever circumstances necessary for me to go where you desire!”

Neighbor’s lawn needs mowing—just show up. Daughter’s dance recital is happening—just show up. Someone gets sick at work on your day off—just show up. A homeless person asking for money on the street corner—just show up. This is what friends, family, neighbors and even strangers do every day and it makes the world a wonderful place to be! So the next time we might be thinking about how we can help—just show up! From my just show-up heart to yours, Thomas

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