Heart to Heart 535 The Season

The Season

Lou Ann and I and Austin, went to a holiday concert in Cottonwood to watch Austin’s wife Ashley play in a band today.  It was a band and not an orchestra so no string instruments.  It reminded me of all those years that we sang in Christmas concerts in Virginia, Hawaii, and Sedona for some thirty years or so. The difference, of course, no lyrics were sung by a performer.  Of course, Lou Ann and I were singing under our breath to many of the tunes.

I love music, however, I love words even more than the instrumentals. Of course, the music will stand on its own. The band played a John Rutter song called Candlelight Carol, which we used to love to sing. I am going to attach a link to a recording of it to this for you to enjoy.

If you get a chance, find other Rutter holiday compositions on Youtube or wherever.  The holidays are a wonderful time for remembering the beauty and the majestic of our soul.  Many faiths celebrate this time of year. The history of us giving to each other is what elevates our humanity. Whether, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa  or Christmas, it is a time for family and friends sharing the bounties of life! Whatever your belief, find that spark in music, literature or celebrations that magnify us all! Tis the season!  From my holiday heart to yours, Thomas