Heart to Heart 537 Awesome Universe!

Awesome Universe!

Lou Ann was working up in Flagstaff today.  I was aware of how quiet the house is without her. She brings such joy and love and happiness into my life and so many others. I was feeling so grateful for sharing our journey together.  When she came home we decided to go out to a new Mexican Restaurant here in the Village of Oak Creek.  When we arrived, the place was full and had a twenty-five minute wait.  We were hungry and we went to an older established Mexican restaurant named Marias.

When we were finishing eating some old friends of ours were leaving and Lou Ann noticed and invited them over. One of them was Harvey Grady who has been the creator of a countywide association of non-profit organizations.  These are mostly involved in providing food for the underserved in Yavapai County. They also foster the SedonaKind organization and the sustainability Alliance and the Verde Valley Homeless Coalition.

We were sharing with them about our permaculture project at our home called Enriching Life Forever.  We too will be growing lots of fruits and vegetables for the less fortunate in our community.  That would not be happening if the Universe had not sent us two angels named Austin and Ashley to help permaculture our land.

Then I remembered that a few years ago we were sitting in the same restaurant.  We looked over and I saw Bernie Sanders sitting with other folks. When we got up to leave I went over and introduced myself to Bernie and shared that I loved the things he would say on television about what was going on in our country.  I told him if he ever ran for president that I would vote for him. This was long before he actually did run!

I just love how the Universe is orchestrating our life.  We are so blessed to be connected with other folks who are desiring to make the world a better place. If the other restaurant had not been full we would have missed this joyful connection!  From my so thankful heart to yours, Thomas