Heart to Heart 73


What will be your legacy?


“Welcome to my morning, welcome to my day

Oh yes I’m the one responsible, I made it just this way

To make myself some pictures and see what they might bring

I think I made it perfectly, I wouldn’t change a thing”

Those wonderful words from John Denver’s “Farewell Andromeda”  resonate as brilliantly as they did all those years ago. John was fortunate that he found his way of doing his life purpose.  For many though we never have that breakthrough.

We are all unique and we all have gifts to share.  Our soul wants us to fulfill the plan of this incarnation.  Part of this plan is sharing our gifts.  I believe that right now there are hundreds of people with the same talent as Beethoven, Ella Fitzgerald, Mozart, Meryl Streep, Gandhi,  Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King or Oprah Winfrey on the Earth.  They have never composed, painted, protested or marched for peace.

All of civilization suffers when we don’t find, nurture and express our true gifts.  We don’t know because we have never taken the time to explore the possibilities of our hidden talents.  We feel like we must get an education and then get a job that has benefits and then have a family and on and on.  Yes, education is important and making enough money to do what we desire is fun.  Having a family is equally the most rewarding and most challenging of life experiences.

So where does our personal search for our own life passion begin?  It begins right where you are sitting, right now.  There are several books available that can help you get started on finding your talent and expressing it.  Barbara Sher has two, the first is “Wishcraft” that she wrote with Ann Gottlieb, the other is “Live the Life you Love”.  John Gray of Mars/Venus fame wrote “How to get what you want and want what you get.”  My latest favorite is “Finding your own North Star” by Martha Beck .  All of these give ideas and exercises to go deep inside and discover hidden abilities and passions inside you.

Cant’ wait to see you accepting the Nobel peace prize!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

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