Heart to Heart 75

We are all angels in disguise

We just watched the movie “Michael” again.  John Travolta plays a large, overweight, hard smoking, sugar addicted.angel to perfection!  I love the humanity that Nora Ephron shows in this depiction of an angelic messenger. In the film, Michael has almost all the women attracted to him.  Each lady has a favorite sweet smell they say he emanates. Michael shares his deep feelings about his humanity with a Jack Russel terrier named Sparky.   He laments that he has to leave all of the wonders of this Earth.  Finally it is Michael’s task to get one of the men to open his heart.

This seems to be a planetary condition for us as well; how to get men to open their hearts and face their fears and become powerful in a loving and caring way.  Here is what Emmanuel shares in his book “What is an Angel doing here”  “You, the Angel belongs with the ‘you’ the human being, in every moment of your life.  When you feel hopeless, depleted, lonely, or frightened, that is because spirit, your essence of perfect Love, has not been allowed to walk with you, the human being.  Everything is designed for you to understand that there is a greater Self that cannot be aligned with the limiting definition of self that you have accepted.  All that transpires is designed by You, Angel, to walk the adventure of humanness ultimately remembering who You are!”

We are all angels in disguise.  We limit our choices and often give into fear.  It is now time to realize the truth of who we are.  Don’t let the situation that we have created here on our planet blind you to your magnificence.  We are unlimited light beings, who when we spread our wings, can achieve miraculous results.  While we pray for the safety of our sisters and brothers in Texas; let us also consider taking action of how to create a safer world.  Our climate is being assaulted by our reckless choices.  Please do whatever you can do to reduce your personal carbon footprint.


Every day we make choices in our lives that affect the environment, the climate and other species. Leave more room for wild animals and plants.

1. Think twice before shopping.

2. Make sure your big purchases have big environmental benefits.

3. Ditch the plastic.

4. Boycott products that endanger wildlife.

5. Pay attention to labels.

6. Be water wise.

7. Drive less, drive green.

8. Green your home.

9. Choose renewable energy.

10. Take extinction off your plate: Eat less meat.

11. Choose to have a smaller family.

12. Use your voice and your vote.

We are all angels and we can do anything.  Let’s do it now!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

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