Heart to Heart 78

Remodel Yourself

We have been remodeling our home for six months.  And as you probably know, it has cost more and taken longer than I ever dreamed it would!  We are now laying a thousand square feet of ceramic tile and working ten to twelve hours per day.  We have a timeline of being complete for our vacation rental guests this Saturday.  We look forward to having guests from around the world visit with us.  If you know of someone who might want to experience the magic of Sedona; send them to “Million Dollar View” on Airbnb or VRBO or Homeaway.  Thanks!

As I sit at my computer, pretty well exhausted, I am thinking of the word remodel and how it might apply to us personally. It might be time to check out how we are doing in our life and how we might improve a little.  Are you working with goals that might be stalled a bit?  Many of us have issues we have been working on most of our life. It might be time for a life remodel.

Arnold Patent advised using this method.   Focus on what you have created in your life right now which does not feel supportive of your personal vision.  Just bring to mind the event and notice how you feel.  Stay with the feeling for a moment.  If it doesn’t feel like what you desire, pause and now focus on how you want to feel.  Now stay with this feeling longer.  At this point you do not have to take action.  Just be with the feeling and declare” this is how I choose to feel all the time”.  When you stay with a loving feeling like this for awhile; Universe often responds with events and people in your life who will support your wonderful feeling.  I hope your remodel doesn’t take as long as ours has! From my heart to yours, Thomas


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