Heart to Heart 9


About twenty years ago Lou Ann and I had the wonderful experience of being in some exciting musical productions here in Sedona.  We were also in some local productions which involved a wonderful tap dancing group named the Red Rocking Grannies. Their director Ron Roope asked me to meet with them and direct them in their upcoming production,  It was to be my directorial debut.  When we got together I found out that the Grannies did not have any kind of a program ready for me to direct.  I got the idea of doing a musical send up of all the shows in which we had performed.  And here is the magic!  Lou Ann and I created a musical from scratch.  I could envision the characters in each scene and could not write the dialogue fast enough. I wrote the lyrics and the tunes for eight original songs. Lou Ann and I worked on the choreography even though we had never done it before. Sandy Reid was the musical director and wrote the music beautifully.  Jeanette Davis was the wonderful choreographer that brought the dancing to life. The entire musical was ready in three weeks! We had a cast of thirty volunteers playing the parts. We debuted the show in Sedona and then played in the Phoenix area before hundreds of snow birds.  It was so self satisfying watching actors speaking and singing the words I had written.  It was an all time high!

I share this with you to invite the hidden magic within you to come forth.  I believe that within the folks who read this blog there may be a Mozart that has never penned an Opera. A Barbara Streisand who has not sung her song. A Van Gogh who has not put his brush to canvas.  I know, it was a corny musical that a couple of thousand people enjoyed but it fulfilled my heart and soul with such joy of creation. You do not know what the Universe has in store for you until you make the effort to go beyond your comfort zone.  I invite you all to find the treasure within and let your creative wings unfurl and soar to your highest magnificent expression of who you are! From my heart to yours, Thomas

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