Heart to Heart 95

La La Land

We are watching La La Land tonight.  I grew up there.  It was unique in many ways.  In my early childhood many movie stars lived in Hollywood as well as Beverly Hills.  I remember seeing famous actors at the local hardware store and they would be buying something for a home project.  No paparazzi, no cameras, no fans screaming out loud in hysterics.  Just Henry Fonda picking up some nails.  I knew who they were and that they were famous and they were also neighbors.  It didn’t feel unusual for this to occur.

My older brother Bob and I would go to the movies and it was ten cents for an all day Saturday ticket. We had five cents for a box of popcorn to share and two cents for candy, which was a pocket full.  When we ate the popcorn, we would chew one piece at a time, being careful to bite each kernel carefully to make it last.  I watch films in an unusual way and I don’t remember when it started.  When I watch a movie, I don’t just watch the characters in the scene or focus totally on the dialogue.  My mind wanders and thinks things like why did they shoot the scene that way.  Why did the director plan it that way.  I would have done it this way.

I attended Hollywood High School and went to drama class.  In my class were several students who went on to fame as actors for many years.  I was so shy, my instructor gave me a C for trying.

When Lou Ann and I watch a film like La La Land, we both get the urge to perform again.  I told her we should take tap lessons and just break into dance when we go shopping or whatever.  For me, there is something magical about performing live.  There is a memorized script and scenes set with places for actors to be. However each performance is different because it is live.  Sometime when I act, I lose myself in the role and it is powerful. And there have been times when I leave my body and watch myself perform. It is truly magical to do that!

I invite everyone to see life as a script that you have written, and you are the director and producer.  You are the star of your life movie.  Everyone else is an extra and we signed on to help you create the best life ever.  So get your tap shoes, banjo, guitar and kazoo and live the best life ever.  Fill it up with passion, risk, and the best ending ever filmed!  See you in your movie!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

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