It’s the good ole summertime!

Yes, it’s the good ole summertime! It’s pretty hot these days! Yet when I think cool thoughts and visualize, the temperature drops! Life is an inside job – harnessing the thoughts that take us off on tangents of unworthiness or fear or doubt or …..fill in the blank! It is when we feel grateful and follow our hearts that we truly create the life of our dreams

We had the privilege of volunteering for the Illuminate Film Festival that was here in Sedona June 1st to 5th! What a treasure trove of conscious movies! After almost every movie was a Q&A with the directors, actors and the audience! Then an interactive workshop – one was with Teal Swann, another with Rev Michael Beckwith, others with Veterans from ‘Thank You For Your Service’ – a PTSD movie!

The Tony Robbins movie “I Am Not Your Guru” will be out in July through Netflix! After the premier he spoke through Skype to our audience from London where he was giving one of his powerful programs! There were around 500 people in the theater audience here in Sedona.  Synchronistically, 3 people from different parts of the theater shared that they had worked for Tony years ago and respected and loved him for his integrity and intention to help people become self-empowered!

Thomas and I loved Teal Swann’s guided workshop after her movie and sat for an hour in the car talking about its impact on us! We met some amazing people in the audience too! We all continue growing and expanding our compassion! Ain’t it great?!