Movie Night at the Bruck’s

From Lou Ann: Every Tuesday night we have been sharing heartfelt, life changing movies from 7 to 8:30 or 9 pm. It’s been fun having hot air popcorn and good company – sometimes laughter other times tears – just like life! On April 21st we showed a short film from Spiritual Cinema called: ‘Available to Possibilities’ and then each of us wrote about our own possibilities and shared them! Bottom line for me was: be happy with whatever I am doing and being in this moment – looking to the future possibilities too – while sharing my joy and love of life with others! There will be many more movies to share from the amazing Spiritual Cinema Circle Collection. If you want to be inspired each month with four wonderful movies. You can go to to be part of it!


  1. So glad your film night is going so well. It must’ve been fun to share with Marcia & Jeff. I was a little sad not to see them more during our year there. We saw them coming and going as they said too! Hopefully you can invite some of your close peeps like the ones who made my birthday last year can come out May 9 to Vino Di Sedona! Looking forward to singing with Drew again and seeing everybody. love u bunches, thanks for sharing on here.