otw to Kenya

OTW – meaning On The Way! Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7th is the day I begin my travels to Nairobi, Kenya!  The originator of the Children’s World Peace Project is here in Virginia and teaching me Swahili and is going to train me while on our flights and more once we arrive – it is so exciting!  As Dr Joe Skinner (awesome chiropractor in The Plains, VA) mentioned to me today, once I see the children’s sparkling, bright eyes and open hearts, I’m going to learn even more!  I’m looking forward to it all!

It is 7 hours difference from the East Coast and 13 hours from Hawaii!  We get to Nairobi, Kenya at 8:10pm on Wednesday, May 8th!

My intention is happily opening my heart even more, spiritually growing with all the beautful encounters with children there – sharing my heart light as they shine theirs on me!

I open myself to all the wondrous and bountiful gifts the Universe has to offer me and I allow them to flow through me now!

I will keep you posted on my journey!

Love and hugs,

Lou Ann