Heart to Heart 373

Thank you God!

Yesterday I was playing tennis in a men’s doubles match.   One of the opposing players hit a winning shot and exclaimed “Thank God”.  It occurred to me that I have never heard him say “Thank God” when missing a shot.  It is easy to thank higher powers when we are winning at life.  Not so much when things are going the other way. We are eternal particles of God’s energy and we are creating everything.  We get to take the credit for hitting or missing our goals and dreams.  Tennis feels easy when a player is in the flow.  We seem to hit most shots well and they find an empty space or the opponent doesn’t return the shot. It is usually not that easy in other parts of our soul’s journey

In life, there are so many factors that go into each experience.  Our mood, our health, our environment, our ancestry, our upbringing, our mind, our judgments and our feelings to list a few.  I think it is helpful to thank God for every life experience.  Whether it is what we may have intended or not. Of course when we are in the middle of a tragedy, it is hardly ever easy to see the good or sometimes the God.  It has been my life experience that often those events that I felt the least thankful for when they occurred, turn out to be the most profound. Most life events don’t have life and death outcomes however.  We make choices and the results we create can be celebrated because we are Divine and we are part of All That Is and that makes them sacred. Whether we like the outcome or not. To be alive and awake to know we are spiritual beings is enough to say “Thank God”  From my thankful heart to yours, Thomas