Welcome to 2015

Welcome to the new year  – 2015!

Today is 1/1/2015 – numerologically it equals ‘1’ – last year was a ‘9’ – What does this mean?!

Last year was the ending and this year is the beginning – of the rest of your life!  Let’s celebrate LIFE together as it was meant to be – filled with love, joy, peace, abundance, gratitude, generosity and whatever words you wish to express this journey we are sharing together!  The best place to start is in our thoughts and emotions.  Choose switching thoughts and emotions to ones that nurture.  It appears simple and it can be if we have the clear intention – in every moment to begin again and again and again.  We all have our foibles and some stand out more than others.  When we give up judgements toward ourselves and others the switch can happen. We are all the same on this planet – growing, learning, sharing love in various ways.

We are all in this together!  Why not make the very most of it? How do I do this – may be the question. The ‘how’ comes with the inner peace that flows from inside of us – naturally – with ease!

Here are some beautiful words I found through Ana Jones from a Q’ero Indians quote:  Looking behind I am filled with Gratitude,  Looking forward I am filled with Vision, Looking upwards I am filled with Strength, Looking within I discover Peace.

May your journey of 2015 be one of peaceful steps, grateful heart, seeing the bigger picture, and inner strength that allows us to feel this moment and all of the ones following it.  Let 2015 be filled with unexpected surprises and wonder!  Remember our reality is created by our thoughts and emotions, so choose them with a conscious heart and mind!

Happy Trails,

Lou Ann