Heart to Heart 111

The Answer is Love

You probably heard the tragic news from Las Vegas.  When I heard it this morning, I got nauseated.  I, like many of us; uttered when will it stop?  The truth is, it probably never will.  At least on this plane of existence.  Seven and a half billion souls now on Earth; growing to who knows how many? There are many who have heavy hearts filled with pain and suffering who lash out in violent ways. Then there are those of us, who also feel less loved, who create laws and regulations that contribute to the horrible violence.  And, we are all One.  One energy that chooses every action in our society.

When we are in pain, we will do most anything to stop the pain, even if it causes others pain.  There is no rationale to someone who feels so broken that they would destroy others. And well meaning public servants and authorities will come up with more ideas to stop the violence.  And they won’t work.  The answer is always the same.  The only savior to our condition is self love and love of others as ourselves.  So for those of us who can see the bigger picture; the homework is still the same.  We get to continue to focus on being loving in all that we do.  There may be someone that we know right now, that could use some of our caring and concern.  They may have a broken heart that needs nurturing.  And we could prevent the next possible deadly event by giving a hug or a kind word.

We are in this together.  There is no them or us.  There is only we.  Finding fault, looking for blame may help in retrospect.  But it too will fall short. The answer is always love! May our prayers and thoughts this day be about love and compassion.  From my very sad heart to yours, Thomas

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