Heart to Heart 119

The Circle of Life

Greetings from Amarillo Texas.  We drove nine hours today and traveled 636 miles from Sedona.  The speed limit on the interstate in the western states are all 75 mph, which means you can go 80,  As we drove along Interstate 40, the old route 66, I saw homes on properties right along side the freeway.  I have often wondered as I drove by why  folks live where they live and what do they do?  How do they support themselves when it appears there is no town with any kind of facilities.  Do they commute a ways, to get what they want or do they dial up Amazon?  How old are they?  Are they retired or are they just beginning their families?

I also had many feelings of nostalgia about the many trips I have taken.  I have some sadness mixed with the joy of traveling that I so love.  How many more trips will I make in this life?  I love driving across the vast stretches of western farm and ranch land.  I think of all the over population of people in the world; and then observe the millions of square miles of vacant land that could perhaps house and nurture them. Wish someone would figure out how to house and feed them.

Lou Ann is riding along and nurturing us, by providing food, drink, directions, music and laughter.  I feel I have come full circle in a wonderful life and look forward to the new riches it brings.  One of the songs Lou Ann dialed up on her I-pod is appropriate for this blog tonight.  I will go to You-tube, copy and send it with this blog.  From my grateful heart, full of love, to yours, Thomas

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