Heart to Heart 121


We are staying at the Courtyard Marriot near the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia.  Our grandson, Seth Allen went to school here.  He is the youngest of our daughter, Deborah and wonderful husband Joe Allen’s four incredible children.  Oh and by the way, he starred as a point guard on the Virginia Tech basketball team.  He was sixth man of the year in the entire Atlantic Coast Conference.  In basketball there are five players who start the game.  When the first substitution is made, that player is the sixth man.  In other words, of all the fifteen other universities in the conference he was the best of them all!  A little bragging from grandma and grandpa.  When Seth played, he almost always had a huge grin on his face while performing.  And he has an engaging personality that will light up a room!

We went to a restaurant on campus named Gilley’s and I had maybe the best black bean burger ever!  I mentioned to Lou Ann that I often feel sad when I am on a college campus.  One reason is, I didn’t choose to attend a major university when I was young.  I am a long time sports fan and would have attended many of the athletic events had I been there.  I would love to be eighteen again. My last year at Hollywood High school was awesome.  I finally matured into a person who could get good grades and I played varsity sports and I found my voice as a young adult.  I think about all the possibilities for an advanced education and then being able to use it in today’s troubled world.  It would be fun to do it for another seventy-five more years or so.

And I am celebrating all the choices I made.  Those choices lead me to have all the amazing life experiences I have had.  I have met so many wonderful people and been fortunate to travel to far away lands and commune with other sacred souls.  I encourage you to look at your life and celebrate your choices as well.  They were all divine in every way.  There were no mistakes. Take a look in the mirror and pause and congratulate yourself for choosing everything you did.  Then look forward to many more choices that will make the world a better place, because you are in it!  From my celebrating heart to yours, Thomas

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