Heart to Heart 123

New beginnings

I played Pickle ball with my son Michael and several others today. It was the first time for me.  It is played on a smaller court than tennis with a Wiffle ball and smaller rackets.  It was fun but probably won’t replace regular tennis for me.  It is mostly always fun to learn something new particularly when it is a physical game.

We have stored about fifteen boxes of personal items at my son’s house for eight years.  It was like Christmas.  We got to see so many memories stored in pictures, slides, audio tapes, VHS tapes and others.  I used to have a full beard and dark longer dark hair and a few less wrinkles!  The collection of media covered about forty years of my family’s life.  We had a wonderful dog named Angel who graced us with her love for over twelve years.  Now we get to put much of the material in digital format to be used in some entertaining way.

I think it is important for all of us to keep having new beginnings.  Of course, every moment could be a new beginning.  Life seems to be so more exciting when looking forward to something new and unknown.  I used to be an Astrologer and one reason I gave up the practice; is that I don’t want to know what is next.  I want the mystery of life to unfold in every moment.  If you feel a little stuck with a routine that perhaps doesn’t quite fulfill you; perhaps it is time for a new beginning!  From my new heart to yours, Thomas

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