Heart to Heart 124

Alpha and Omega

Aloha nui loa everyone.  Lou Ann and I were graciously gifted with the new Dan Brown novel “Origin” by my son Michael.  It is another page turner! No spoiler alert here.  The plot of the latest adventure is the quandary that many of us have sometimes wondered.  Where did we come from and where are we going?

I have a somewhat different look at the whole idea of this dilemma.  I don’t think we came from anywhere and I don’t think we are going anywhere.  I don’t mean that we are just beings that are birthed here for a lifetime, only to disappear.  I believe we are eternal energy beings who get to manifest wherever and however we desire.  I believe there is intelligence in every living thing.  I don’t believe there is anyone or anything judging us for any reason.  We are the creators of this existence and we get to do what we choose; hopefully for the good of all.

If this is so, then how do we really want this to all work out?  Why are we h, here and if we keep returning here then how shall we make this a more divine journey?  For me, it usually boils down to acting in loving and supportive ways for all the Earth’s creatures.  When I observe events on the planet that don’t appear loving or supportive; I choose to take action.  The action may be to simply send love or to get involved in an activity that feels like it will help.  We can all help make the world a better place and it might not matter where we have been or where we are going.  It will matter that right here, right now we have the power to create an earthly paradise for all.  Time to get started, don’t you think?  From my wondering heart to yours, Thomas

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