Heart to Heart 330

Don’t Give Up!

The immortal football coach of the Green bay Packers Vince Lombardi, once said to his players “Fatigue will make cowards of us all”  He was encouraging his team to give even more effort in practice, even though they were exhausted.  So that during a game, when they were once again drained of almost all of their energy; they would find a way to dig deeper and win. When we spend most of our energy, it can be a challenge to keep on going.  One thing Lombardi didn’t mention, but was perhaps implied.  Football is a violent physical sport which takes an enormous amount of energy to play.  However, as I said a while ago, it is also very mental.  I think he was also inferring that when we get so tired we want to quit, it is our mind that wants to throw in the towel. (boxing reference).

And so it is in many of our of lives, that we who do not overexert ourselves physically, get exhausted as well.  We may put in a lot of mental and emotional energy to create our desires.   Only to come up short of our goals and dreams.  This can be just as exhausting as some extreme physical task.  So as Coach Lombardi so aptly put it ” fatigue can make cowards of us all”  Meaning we give up on our dreams.  We give so much to our passion and it sometimes crashes and burns!  The key to Lombardi’s success is, that his Sunday football games were won on Monday through Friday on their practice field.  Let those of us who still have dreams and goals to achieve, continue to persevere.  Let us know that if we do not give up on our passion and keep on practicing, we will win our own personal Super Bowl.

I wish for you all to find the energy, courage and strength to push on through to our dreams.  From my never quitting heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 329

The Little Things

I was cleaning out a drawer yesterday and discovered a tennis racket string dampener.  This tiny little object is placed between the strings just above the throat of the racket near the handle. It is about the size of a nickel.  I purchased a tennis racket a year ago and neglected to insert the dampener.  I had always used one previously.  A dampener is supposed to reduce the vibrations when hitting a tennis ball.  It doesn’t necessarily help your stroke or your play.  This morning, I inserted the dampener in my racket.  I noticed when I was warming up, that I was hitting the ball much better.  When I got around to the actual match,  I certainly was playing much better.  The other players noticed my improved tennis skills.

It is said that tennis is ninety per cent mental and ten per cent physical.  I don’t know whether that is true or not.  I only know once I began playing better, I gave the little dampener credit for my improvement.  Or was it just what I believed, so I made it come true?  There is a book titled “The Inner Game of Tennis” by Tim Gallwey.  Here are some words from this wonderful book.

Freedom from stress does not necessarily involve giving up anything, but rather being able to let go of anything, when necessary, and knowing that one will still be all right.

Each self is endowed by birth, regardless of where the birthplace, with an instinct to fulfill its nature. It wants to enjoy, to learn, to understand, appreciate, go for it, rest, be healthy, survive, be free to be what it is, express itself and make a unique contribution.

Freedom from stress happens in proportion to our responsiveness to our true selves, allowing every moment possible to be an opportunity for self to be what it is and enjoy the process. As far as I can see, this is a lifelong learning process.

I believe that once I began to hit the ball so well this morning that I began to relax.  There was less tension and when an athlete relaxes they play much better.  The key, of course is that I had a strong belief and my body followed my mind.

Years ago Lou Ann and I went to hear Famous Amos speak.  He had on a sweatshirt and it said ‘Relax’.  I encourage everyone to find a way to relax and know that it is all in Divine order anyway.  So why worry?  From my relaxed heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 328

I Remember You

At the illuminate Film Festival we will all get to see a very haunting and romantic film titled ” I Remember You”  It is also the title of a song written in 1941 with the lyrics by Johnny Mercer.  Here are the lyrics:“I Remember You”
I remember you, you’re the one that made my dreams come true
just a few kisses ago, I remember you.
You’re the one who said I love you too, yes I do.
Didn’t you know I remember too, a distant bell and stars that fell, like the rain out of the blue.
When my life is through and the angels ask me to recall the thrill of them all
then I will tell them I remember, tell them I remember, tell them I remember you.

I remember too, a distant bell and stars that fell, like the rain out of the blue.
When my life is through and the angels ask me to recall the thrill of them all
then I will tell them I remember, tell them I remember, tell them I remember you.

The lyrics are so romantic when we think about “telling the angels, the thrill of it all”.  The song was written for Judy Garland by Mercer.  Even though it is a personal love song, we could expand it to include all of the things we remembered about our life that gave us a thrill.  Like looking at the Milky Way, and my first ride at Disneyland.  The birth of all my children.  All the games we played together.  All of the road trips we took. Every moment I spend with Lou Ann. My list would go on and on.  I think I will write down all my remembered thrills on another document.  The list would be too long for a blog.  Life here on Earth has been a thrill.  It has of course, had its ups and downs.  However, it has been astounding and beyond words really.  I wish for you to recall all of the best moments of your life and perhaps you too, could record them somehow.
We could start the I Love My Life Association.  From my thrilled heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 327

There is no path

There is nowhere to go.  We are already there.

With each trip around the sun, more and more people come to the realization that there’s somehow more to life than meets the eye. It is an awakening process that leaves many of us wondering what the true nature of reality is all about. Part of this ongoing transition is that people no longer are satisfied with living a purely materialistic lifestyle based on superficial possessions. Instead, they actively seek to enrich their life by adopting a more spiritual worldview. As a result of feeling connected to a source greater than themselves, many embark on a spiritual journey in order to find themselves and to seek God. They begin realizing that they are so much more than just this body. Instead of being defined by their human body, they come to the conclusion that they are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies-Steve Mueller

We have never left.  We don’t need to be found.  We are not lost.  We have always been.  We are always on purpose.

The human task is to simply remember.  We are already perfect and don’t need improving.  When we do awake to the awareness of our magnificence, then life can become a joy ride of infinite possibilities.  Surrender and let go, you won’t regret it.  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 326

Like a Good Neighbor!

We bought some furniture the other day on a local Facebook site.  We drove through a sleet storm and didn’t get home until dark.  We called our neighbor down the block for help and he and his wife both came and helped me carry in a very heavy sofa.   They told us of a sale two doors down from them, of people who had sold their home and were selling everything.  When we got there yesterday we found an eight piece sectional, hardly ever used for $200.  Our same neighbor Terry,  met us at the house and helped me load the sectional and a king size bed that was never used as well!  I told him that either Lou Ann and I did something really wonderful in a past life or he and his wife are piling up points for the next life. Then our friend two miles away let us use his truck to transport it all.

This is what I describe as spiritual living.  It is not about showing up at a place of worship.  It is not about attending classes to learn valuable life principles.   It isn’t even about praying or meditating.  It is about loving acts of kindness.  I personally don’t believe in an actual place like Heaven.  If there were, these kind folks would probably get a front row seat!  Many folks are wondering how we will ever turn things around on planet Earth and create the society we desire.  This is it!  Be a good neighbor!  When enough acts of kindness outweigh our not thoughtful acts, we will create Heaven on Earth.  Exactly where it should be!  From my deeply thankful heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 325

No Goal but This

Lou Ann and I went to a Deva Premal chanting concert tonight.   Her partner Miten sang a song with the title of this blog.  At our core, there is nothing to do, but be.  We don’t need to accomplish anything.  We are connected to our essence and just being is enough.  I realize that when we are in this temporary thing we call life on Earth; we feel the need to do and have.  It is not necessary.  We entered life without anything and we will leave in the same way.  In between birth and death we get to choose whatever we desire.  However, we are Oneness being Oneness all the time.  When we realize our divine nature, than we really do not need any goal except to be.

Deva Premal and Miten use a process of “natural selection” to choose the mantras on their albums. Premal has said she gravitates toward Sanskrit mantras, rather than mantras from other languages. She says that, for her, removing her ego from her understanding of the mantra allows the creative process to express the true meaning of the mantra.

The purpose of her work was explained: “Our objective is to be open to the Goddess of music – to be true to ourselves, as musicians, as ‘teachers;’ as partners, and ultimately, as individuals – fellow travelers. We accomplish this by not ‘trying’ to accomplish anything. We take very little credit for what is happening around our so-called success (we have sold over a million albums now!) – we see our selves as messengers of a 5,000 year old tradition…so, our part in the process is simply to show up and chant.

Deva and Miten warmed our hearts and inspired us to remember who we truly are.  We chanted along with them and danced and laughed  and were filled with joy.  I wish for all of you to experience them sometime.  From my en-chant-ed heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 324

May the Fourth Be With You

Today is the fourth day of May, so I thought I would have some fun with the old Jedi quote of “May the Force be with you.  Actually it always is.  We can never be without it, because we are the Force.  There is only Oneness.  Everything is a part of it.  There is not a Two-ness. The word Oneness is all inclusive, by definition there is nothing outside of it.  It is thrilling to think about that.  We are all a part of creation.  Each and every part of creation is unique and therefore equal.  There is no good or bad in Oneness.  There is only the creative energy of all that is.

When we realize on a personal level that we are an integral part of the whole, we should celebrate.  We are never less than.  We are all equal and necessary to the whole.  Without us, it would not be whole.  There would be a sacred vital part missing.  We get stuck sometimes and play the game of life in a small way.  Remember the words of Marianne Williamson:

We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are the Jedi Knights, not in a battle with the Empire, but with out own self limitations.  We forget that we are the Oneness and that we have limitless energy, incredible talent, unlimited gifts and eternal vision.  We get to stop playing the game of “let’s pretend” and to take back our power through self realization.  Today, let us declare that we are the Force!  A Force of love, compassion, healing, understanding and inclusion.  From my Jedi heart of love to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 323

It’s All Good

Yesterday we drove over to Prescott Arizona which is about fifty five miles from our house.  About half way there, a huge sleet storm blew across the highway.  There was a three inch accumulation for a few miles. Life is an adventure! It was thirty seven degrees this morning.  Saturday it will be ninety for the high.  You never know, do you?  Life is such an amazing variety of experiences.  So full and so rich!  Most of us who share this blog live in such abundance.  I have some tennis player friends that sometimes complain about traffic or weather or some insignificant thing.  I encourage them to see it in a different way.

We stop and take time to look around at one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  We acknowledge how healthy we are.  We share how many friends and loved ones are in our circle of life.  Remember the wonderful song from Lion King?

From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There’s more to see than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done
There’s far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round
It’s the circle of life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle
The circle of life
Life is even more fun when we find our place on the unwinding path.  Our place is in our hearts, our dreams, our surroundings and our journey.  I wish you all the best possible life, filled with everything your heart desires.  From my deeply grateful heart to yours,  Thomas


Heart to Heart 322

Familiarity Breeds Contentment

There is the old saying that familiarity breeds contempt.

The expression “familiarity breeds contempt” is all too familiar. Yet, as the case with many common sayings, we might benefit from taking a look at whether or not it truly makes sense. When we don’t examine these beliefs they tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies. Ordinarily, the expression “familiarity breeds contempt” refers to what often happens in long-standing relationships and marriages. Regrettably, over time too may relationships begin to see their happiness wither. Yet, the question remains: is it actually familiarity that causes this disappointment?

Yesterday Lou Ann shared something with me that she had said the day before.  When I first heard it I thought of that old saying I mentioned above.  And yet I had a different reaction to her sharing.  I laughed and we both laughed together.  It is part of my enchantment of Lou Ann.  We have been communicating things to each other for more than thirty five years.  There has to be a lot of repeated words and sayings.  We both grew up in families that shared a lot of old sayings.  So we are very familiar with our exchanges.

I believe that when we feel less about ourselves, we act out on each other.  So that kind of familiarity would breed contempt. However, just the opposite is true.

If a soft kiss, an appreciative hug or the simple feeling of being cared for becomes familiar, then familiarity in fact evokes and sustains love. In loving relationships that embrace emotional support and respect, familiarity produces a wonderful life. What we become accustomed to should become the focus of our attention.  We have said many times that what we focus on expands.  Let us open our hearts to each other and create the kind of familiarity that breeds contentment and love.  From my familiar heart to yours, Thomas



Heart to Heart 321

There is such a thing as a free lunch

The Illuminate Film Festival is coming up at the end of this month in Sedona, May 30th to June 3rd.  One of our featured documentaries is The Free Lunch Society.  It is a film about the concept of a basic income for everyone.  Fact: The world produces enough foods and goods to feed a happy world. Fact: The world is more than prosperous enough to end all inequality. Fact: The Walmart-family owns just as much as 160 million Americans. Fact: Lotto winners keep on working even if they don’t have to. Fact: A tax on money-and finance-transactions will fix this inequality. Fact: It would boost the economy to give more people a decent income.

The system of today, where the richest get richer by the day, and the middle class can’t even survive on the income of two badly paid jobs, we need a new system.  What would you do if your basic living needs were paid by our government?  Some have said that it would lead to laziness.  People wouldn’t work, they would lay around all day doing nothing.  However, once people’s needs are met they can relax.  The pressure will be off.  They will have more time to spend doing things they love.  There will be more time to spend with their families.  That would have a huge benefit to society.  To have one or two parents available for their children and each other.  People may become more creative. They will have more time to work on their hobbies and dreams.

Finland is studying basic income and Kenya already is enacting a program.  Hawaii is even looking at enacting it for it’s citizens.

The film will be shone June 1st at 10:15 am in the Black Box theater of the Sedona Performing Arts Center.  Lou Ann and I will be there.  We hope to see some of you there!  To learn more, go to illuminatefilmfestival.com  From my relaxed and creative heart to yours, Thomas