Heart to Heart 198

At My Age

I have to laugh at myself.  I was playing tennis today with a visiting couple from out of town.  They have almost zero body fat and are gorgeous!  A  couple of times, I made errors because I was looking at them and not the ball!  Even at 77, attraction never goes away!

I was thinking today about some folks I know who are having challenges with creating what they desire.  That make plans and somehow they don’t seem to finish them.  Then they beat themselves up for not performing.  My former mentor, Arnold Patent had simple way of moving energy so they we get what we want.  It goes like this.  If you create something that doesn’t feel good.  Do not spend a lot of time figuring it out.  Simply notice how you feel with the results.  Then without spending so much time in your mind about all the aspects of the result.   Take step two.  It is to feel how you want to feel now.  Go within and find a feeling that gives you pleasure and stay with it. Our feelings are the connection to getting what we desire.  Our minds will lead us on a not so merry chase.  So, instead of focusing on what you want, such as a great job, wonderful relationship, abundance or even world peace.  Just spend time on how you want to feel and Universe will do all the rest!

New guests just came in and they are young folks from California.  They also happen to be UCLA and Ram fans.  How does Universe keep doing this?  We are now officially BFF’s!  We are so blessed.  All of our visitors to our vacation rental the past three months have been wonderful!

Lets review. I encourage you to try the two step.  Remember, first notice how you feel about your creation.  Then if it is not how you desire to feel, immediately let go of that energy.  Then spend the most time in step two,

in feeling fully how you really desire.  You will be amazed at the results.  From my dancing heart to yours, Thomas

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