Heart to Heart 286

Wednesday Hump Day

We name days of the week to reflect our feelings.  Wednesday is Hump day because it is in the middle of the week. When we get to Wednesday, we only have two more days until the weekend. Monday has often been called Doomday.  There are more heart attacks on Monday morning than any other time.  We are too stressed.  Friday of course is TGIF.  We can’t wait for the weekend when we work Monday through Friday.  Mostly because we are not doing what we love to do for our vocation.

I am renaming the days.  Monday is now Marvelous Monday.  It is the day we get to renew our plan for success in life.  Tuesday is now Terrific Tuesday.  The day that we will remember what magnificent beings we are.  Wednesday is now Wonderful Wednesday.  The day we choose to remember how awesome life is.  Thursday is now Thankful Thursday.  The day we hold to how grateful we are. Friday is now Fun Friday.  The day we can remember how much fun we are having.  Saturday is now Sensational Saturday.  The day we get to create more sensational events in our life.  Sunday is now Special Sunday. The day we get to remember that every day of the week is special because we are experiencing it.

Let us treat each day as the sacred occasion that it is.  It is sacred because we have created it and we get to choose whatever we want as part of that day.  There are no bad days, unless we declare them to be.  Every moment of life is the opportunity to rediscover our divine nature and the joy of being alive!  From my sacred heart to yours, Thomas

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