Heart to Heart 369

It keeps on happening

Universe did it again!

Today, I thought Lou Ann and I were just going to have lunch with three other friends.  We met Ranjita, Gloria and Devin at the Indian Gardens.  Then we went to Ranjita’s house, gathered in a circle, and through her leadership, began to support each other in creating our dreams.  We began by focusing on what might be blocking us.  I shared that often in my past, I have created a variety of ways in which I get “too busy” and my desires remained unfulfilled.  Then Devan looked at me with his eyes completely focused on mine.  I will say in my words what he shared. “There is nothing that can stop you from creating what you desire.  You are Oneness expressing itself  through you.  You have no limitations.  You are completely loved!”

I was stunned.  It was the same kind of feeling I had experienced a year ago when I was encouraged to do this blog.  Something was different when he spoke with me.  I knew that I was an unlimited being at a deeper level, than I had ever felt before.  We embraced. I felt unconditionally loved by All That Is!

Prior to this, we were introduced to Kit Thomas.  He has won two Emmy’s and has been nominated for an Academy Award for his pro environmental films.  He has also produced sixty music albums of jazz, pop and World music.  Now retired and living in Santa Barbara, Thomas serves as Executive Director of The Circle of Wisdom (www.circleofwisdom.org), a non-profit digital library of video interviews with contemporary wisdom keepers and thought leaders representing diverse cultural and generational perspectives.  It was a natural connection for perhaps having him on our television show, with films that “make a difference”.

Once again, Beautiful Oneness created an amazing day filled with love, connection, compassion and clarity.  My wish for all of you is to continue to say yes to Life and see what happens!  From my ever thankful heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 368

Ye Olde Sayings

Lou Ann loves to have her back scratched.  Last night after doing that for her, I thought of the saying “I’ll scratch your back if you will scratch mine.”  It is nearly impossible to scratch one’s own back.  So when we make the agreement to exchange back scratches, we are doing something for someone they cannot do themselves.  That feels like a very loving thing to do for one another.

Then I was lying there in bed and other old sayings began to pop in my head.  “Do unto others as they would do unto you!”  This is the essence of the Golden Rule.  I guess we gave it the name golden, to show that is of the highest value.  It really is a wonderful way to go through life.  When making a decision, we consider all the ramifications of that decision upon others.

“There’s a bridge between your heart and your mind!”  This is a line from the theme song of The Positive Place Television Talk Show.  A former mentor used to say ” The mind is a wonderful thing, waste it!”  He was being sarcastic to make a point.  He teaches a course called Radical Honesty.  In the eight day seminar he encourages folks to begin noticing.  Then, not analyzing what we notice.  He invites us to get in touch with our feelings.  And to see how what we notice, affects us.  We humans are meaning making machines.  We attempt to put a meaning about almost every life event.  When we do that, we often get stuck in our minds and judgments.  Then it is difficult to allow ourselves to open up to a new paradigm.

Back to the bridge between our hearts and minds.  It is when we make the eighteen inch journey from our thoughts to our feelings that we discover the magic of living.  Here are more lyrics from the above theme song. Look inside yourself and you’ll find, There’s a bridge between your heart and your mind.  There’s a positive, there’s a positive place.

I encourage you folks to make that journey from your mind to your heart.  When you do it often, it will change your life in marvelous ways.  From my positive heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 367


My dad was addicted to alcohol before I was born.  When he was sober, he was a decent man.  He was in so much emotional pain, he was hardly ever sober.  He drank himself to an early death.  Here is the irony.  When I was a teenager and I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I replied ” I want to be a father”  Not a baseball player, astronaut, president or movie star.  A father.  When my first wife was pregnant with our four children to be; I knew who they were, before they were born.  We didn’t even have any alternative names.

I adored my children while they were growing up.  Alas, I made choices that had me leave them when they were quite young. I often ask myself what is the difference between an alcoholic father than a father that leaves?  My heart says, not much.  The deepest pain that I still carry today is not being with my children as they grew up.  I could share with you the reasons of my heart, as to why I made the choice.  However, I will not.

Two of my sons have grown up to be excellent fathers.  I am proud of them.  One has never chosen to experience fatherhood.  So, on Father’s day, I am often sad.  Three of my children and my step daughter do call and wish me happy fathers day.  I am thankful for that. I always want this post to be an uplifting one.  I will leave you with this.  Parents always do the best they can do.  My dad and myself were suffering inside in a way that didn’t support the ones we love.  I hope that many of you have paternal parenting that has helped you become the wonderful persons that you are.  I will close, in saying to my dad ” I hope that you are experiencing total love and joy and freedom wherever in the Universe you are!  From my tender heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 366


Members of the core team of the Illuminate Film Festival had an all day final meeting today for this year.  The festival was a success for the fifth year in a row.  Each time, we start in the early fall and begin searching for conscious cinema to share in the summer festival of the next year.  We had a wonderful selection of twenty six inspiring films in 2018.  Along with the films, we offered reel healings.  Reel healings are additional loving workshops, that apply the principles often featured in the movie they follow.  We had ninety five conscious movie industry filmmakers attend as well.  They have their own workshops and panels to further create more conscious movies.

We sell about 7,000 tickets to the events.  Every year there are wonderful stories of people’s lives being changed.  We are sensing a conscious movement.  More and more folks are desiring to see movies that make a positive difference in their lives.  Perhaps some day in the future, movies that emphasize violence,  getting revenge and waging war will be in the minority.  Films that show love and caring and compassion will be the rule.

We can all help create this right now.  Find out about film festivals in your area that show wonderful movies and attend.   Illuminate Film Festival has a membership program where you can join and support magnificent living.  Go to illuminatefilmfestival.com The people of planet Earth are at a crossroad.  There is so much destruction of our environment.  We have elected leaders who have total self interest and all our species are suffering for our not standing up for them.  It is time for those of us who love the Earth and it’s inhabitants to do all we can to save it.

If you know of folks who are doing good deeds, please let us know.  We can find filmmakers who want to tell their story. We want to create cinema that celebrates their courage and passion.  From my illuminated heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 365

A Season of Love

One year ago today, I started this blog. That was 525, 600 minutes ago, as the wonderful song from the Broadway musical Rent exclaims!  For me it has been a season of love.  I have had the honor and privilege to share with all of you the things of my heart.  Remember, we named the blog after the John Denver song called Heart to Heart.   These were his words:

And I know that love is everywhere
Always safe, always true
And exactly where it comes from
Is where it’s going to
Your heart to mine
My heart to yours
Talk about opening windows
Talk about opening doors
My heart to yours
Your heart to mine
Love is a light that shines
From heart to heart
We have shared a journey of exploring our Divine nature in a variety of ways.  We have celebrated marches all over the world.  We have discovered Universal Principles to guide us along the way.  We have laughed and cried and had goosebumps.  We have seen goodness shared all over our planet.  We have be shown new ways to protect our environment.  We have learned to trust our inner voice.  We have learned to follow our hearts.  Another refrain from a John Denver song encapsulates why I keep sharing every day.  It goes:
Love is why I came here in the first place
Love is now the reason I must go
Love is all I ever hoped to find here
Love is still the only dream I know
Now we go into year number two.   My deepest thanks to my life partner and loving wife Lou Ann.  Every day for the past year she has edited this post.  It would have been a mess without her.  She has a sharp eye and a brilliant mind and she keeps me on track.
Thanks for being with me all this time.  For love is the light that shines from heart to heart.  From my celebratory heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 364

The Launch

Six of us gathered at our home tonight and brainstormed about the possibility of creating the Positive Place Talk Show.  We were led by Nick Conedera the director of the inspiring Miracle Morning movie.  He showed us a system called Appreciate Inquiry.  It has four phases or elements.  They are discovery, dream, design and destiny.  We all looked at our relationship in the past with media and cinema through journaling. Then we dared to dream of the fruition of our labors and involvement.  Then we used sticky notes to design the show in four segments, including funding, content, production and distribution.  It was three hours of exciting contributions by all of us.  The destiny part will come later.

In the dream phase of the brainstorming here is what I wrote.  On the February 2028 cover of Time Magazine was a large red heart.  Here is the story.  The Positive Place Television Show has changed television in an amazing way.  Ten years ago, six people met in an old house on the outskirts of the city of Sedona Arizona and dared to dream. Their mission was to help the world be a place of love, compassion, caring and abundance for all. It began as a half hour pilot that cost $50,000 dollars to make. Now the Positive Place earns $50,000 per minute in revenue each program.

This is where the Positive Place became a transcendent program.  They donate every dollar of net profit to organizations all over the world. They fund climate change, clean water for families in third world countries.  They have created their own non-profit centers to help eliminate poverty. They have partnered with other philanthropic organizations to fund inner sustainability.  Inner sustainability is helping people get healed in their personal lives. When folks are healthy, mentally, physically and financially, they make choices that creates outer sustainability.  They recycle, use alternative fuel, become carbon free, eat a life sustaining way and shop sustainably.

The Positive Place has put the love of all beings in its mission.  And it has put the heart back into show business.  We honor them with the Time Magazine most influential award of the year!

I encourage all who read this blog to find a project that will have you dream.  Even if this show does not unfold like we want it to; it creates an energy for other souls on the planet to get involved in making a difference.  When any one of us takes a stand for the good of all, positive change happens sometimes in miraculous ways. From my dreaming heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 363

We were born to love

We are all so blessed to have so much information at our fingertips on how to live a loving, trans formative life.  I have been reading Tom Shadyac’s book Life’s Operating Manual lately. He shares that Charles Darwin used the term survival of the fittest twice in The Descent of Man but used the word love ninety five times.  Darwin went on to say that human kind’s ability to cooperate and sympathize has allowed us to adapt and become the most prolific species on the planet.  Then, Shadyac also shares that Jeremy Rifkin, in his book The Empathic Civilization, chronicles our history from a very different perspective.  We are not a species wired for violence, aggression and war.  We are a species that is wired for love, kindness and compassion.

Rifkin points out that when we see the airwaves filled with war, violence and crime that they are the exception, not the norm.  If we watch the news too much, we assume that what is reported is happening the most.  It is actually the opposite.  The news does not report, every door that is opened, every thank you shared, every kindness observed.  The amount of goodness and love is almost incalculable, like grains of sand.  Right now, as I share this blog, there could be millions of wonderful exchanges of loving acts occurring!

This is why I have been writing this blog for nearly a year.  I want all of us to focus on and celebrate the magnificence of the human spirit.  And this is also why a group of us are gathering tomorrow night in our home, to brainstorm about creating a television show that does just that.  Right now, we are a small team of committed conscious folks who want to make a difference.  I invite you to join Lou Ann and I and our teammates to create a vehicle of love for all the inhabitants of the Earth.  From my excited heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 362

Love is in the heart of the observer

There is an old saying that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  Margaret Wolfe Hungerford is said to have first coined the phrase.  This is to say, what we see , feel or think, is our personal perspective.  Somehow, we humans have come to an agreement that beauty should look a certain way.  Billions of dollars are spent each year attempting to keep our physical youth.  Wrinkles are to be dreaded.  Gray is to be colored, black, brown, blonde or red.  Slim is to be preferred over heavy.  We hitch up our pants, tuck in our shirt, straighten our blouse or tie.  To be neat is ranked higher than not so.  I am not here to say, which is preferable.

I was looking in the mirror awhile ago and saw all the wrinkles of too many years in the sun.  I have always loved wrinkles.  The actor James Whitmore had one of my most favorite faces.  His heavily lined face told so many stories.  Perhaps we could see wrinkles as a badge of honor.  Images of a life well lived, rather than always trying to hide them.

I just took a nap and came back with this thought.  Sometimes I look in the mirror and think “I am getting old looking”  Wrinkles are also a sign of aging.  We may associate wrinkles with the end of our life.  So there may be a built in fear of these creases, being the sign of our demise.  However, we could also look at our crevices and say “wow”! Our face is a symbol of the journey our of life.  A snapshot, perhaps of all the adventures we have taken along the way. I would rather have us focus our minds and hearts on our inner beauty.

Let us celebrate the beauty of our life’s pathway, and look in the mirror and say “Thank you” for every moment! We all have esp, extra sensory perception.  I also believe we have, Eternal Spiritual Perspective.  Our souls see through our blemishes, scars, brokenness, only to see the real beauty  From my observing heart to yours, Thomas




Heart to Heart 361

Phone Home

Thirty six years ago E.T. was released today.  It was a transcendent film for many of us.  So many films from the 1977 Star Wars The Lost Hope, to Close Encounters of the Third Kind( November 16, 1977) and Raiders of the Lost Ark ( June 12, 1981) stimulated our imaginations.  Even Superman with Christopher Reeves in December 1978.  It was a magical time for movie goers of all ages.

Of course we are all E.T.’s  The Earth is not our real home. We have been traveling here for many lifetimes.  The challenge, when we get here, is to turn on our heart light and keep it glowing.  We sometimes hide our lights under our fear.  When the light goes out, we lose our way. Remember that our greatest fear is how bright our light is!  Not how much darkness is in us.  Remember some of the words in the Neal Diamond song:

Turn on your heart light
Let it shine wherever you go
Let it make a happy glow
For all the world to see

Let us be planetary citizens who take care of this fragile Earth space craft.  There are probably millions of planets like Earth in the cosmos.  We may visit many of them.  Right now, this is our temporary place of travel.  Each of us can assist one another, in discovering our light inside.  We can love each other so much, that we can be seen all over the galaxies!

I would encourage all of us to re-watch those wonderful movies of four decades ago and discover an innocence of heart in their making and design.  When we do, we may get reconnected to our purpose for coming here again.  And don’t forget to follow the trail of Reese’s pieces home.  From my extra terrestrial heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 360

The Show Must Go On!

I had the privilege to be in the Illuminate film lab with a man named Larry Rosenberg.  He is a delightful, articulate, entertaining and loving being.  He has a gift of making up songs in the moment about whatever we might be saying.  He is two years younger than me and three years older than Lou Ann.  They are both on the cusp of the baby boomer generation.  Larry has created a musical show, titled The Larry Show.  He had us over to his home tonight and he is also a gracious host and wonderful cook. A man of  inexhaustible talents!

His show is about his life.  He blends many famous tunes and dance into the fabric of the story.  It is a happy, joyful, sad and endearing tale of a person who transcended his environment and early life.  He has risen to the top of several career paths.  However, he has found his treasure in telling his life story.  And he has a message for all of us who are of the same generation or even older.  It is never too late!  Never too late, to find the spark that lights up our eyes, quickens our pulse and brings joy to ourselves and others.

I am encouraging any and all of you to find your song, your story, your passion, your joie de vivre!  We are not all musically talented like Larry.  However, there may be some of us who have left behind a dream.  We are retired or just tired.  We have a story to tell that is uniquely ours.  Take a moment and think about what might give us a renewed joy of life.  It may be something from decades ago that is still simmering on our life’s back burner. It may be time to turn up the heat and let it cook!

I have shared with you that Lou Ann and I are looking into creating a television show!  It is not too late!  Please join us happy septuagenarians and let your freak flag fly!  Meaning, don’t judge that hidden gem of expression that you have been holding back!  The world needs it!  You may need it!  From my ever expanding heart to yours, Thomas