Children’s Home Naro Maru Kenya

After training all morning on deeper expressions of the Black Elk Medicine Wheel, the ‘Thoughtful Action’ Tree and the conflict resolution flower, we went to a children’s home run by a Catholic Church.The place was beautfiul, the space for Dances of Universal Peace was huge! William Day chose songs from around the world, each about sharing from our heart with others!  One was a Nigerian song, which was fun!

The 70 children that participated loved every moment of it!  Many of them were unable to fully participate because of physical handicaps, yet the ones that were able did!  The reason I know they loved it is because when we did the ‘Goodbye Ceremony’ at the end, each child is given choices of a bow, handshake or hug.  Most of them chose a hug from each facilitator (including me)!  What a heart opening experience!  I continue feeling blessed and honored by being here!

I am getting to know the facilitators better and I appreciate each one of them for their unique way of sharing the scripted material.  I  know my daughter, Uma, is going to love to be trained to share creating ‘peace’ one child at a time!

Namaste (from my love light to yours)

Lou Ann




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