Heart to Heart 14


Life Changing Books

Every once in awhile a book or a person or an energy connects with my life and I experience a significant change in how I see everything.  The entity Emmanuel, channeled by Pat Rodegast is that kind of experience for me.  I have been reading their material contained in three books for more than thirty years and this magnificent being continues to surprise, enhance, entertain and shift my consciousness.  The communications are so loving and consistent and inclusive about many aspects of our Earthly journeys. Nothing in my four decades of personal search for the discovery of who I truly am has been as influential or profound.  Pat made her transition back in 2012.

I would love for others to hear his words, feel his joy, and experience his wisdom.  I am going to begin sharing his words in video format on a regular basis.  I will simply read a passage and perhaps share my understanding of what has been shared.  The books are titled ‘Emmanuel’s Book A Manual for living comfortably in the Cosmos and Emmanuel’s Book II, The Choice for Love and Emmanuel’s Book III, What is an Angel Doing Here?

Here is a sample of his pure wisdom.  “What does the voice of fear whisper to you? “ Fear speaks to you in logic and reason.  It assumes the language of love itself.  Fear tells you “I want to make you safe.”  Love says “You are safe.” Fear says “give me symbols, give me frozen images, give me something I can rely on.”  Loving truth says “Only give me this moment.”  Fear would walk with you on a narrow path promising to take you where you want to go.  Love says “Open your arms and fly with me.”  Every moment of your life you are given the opportunity to choose love or fear; to tread the Earth or to soar the heavens.”

I get goosebumps just writing those words! From my heart to yours, Thomas

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