Heart to Heart 15

Love Yourself the Way You Are

In our Earth spacesuits we often get confused about love.  We experience it as an emotion.  We speak of loving or being loved and we mean that we want to feel good in our skin.  This kind of love is romantic and serves us, and it is not the love we are speaking about right now.

Love, in this conversation is the energy of the Universe.  It is the God love or the eternal love and it doesn’t have a personality to it.  As energy, love creates everything and is everything.  Therefore everyone and everything is love.  Every event is love.  Subatomic particles are love.  Your ex-spouse is love.  Your mother-in-law is love.  Republicans and Democrats are love.  Vladimir Putin is love.  Your puppies and babies and spiders and spinach and Brussels sprouts are love.

There have been thousands of books written about love.  There have been college courses to teach love.  There have been hundreds of songs with love as the theme.  With all this education and information available you would think the world would be filled with it.  Then why are there so many seemingly unloving acts perpetrated daily?

It is clear we are living in a World that is starving for love.  The challenge is, in order to receive love we get to learn love ourselves first.  We cannot give away that which we do not have.  We have been trained to be self-deprecating.  Loving our-self has been looked at as egotistical.  However, it is only out of a feeling of high self regard that we are able to love others.  To the degree we are willing to love ourselves is the amount of love we can share and therefore receive.  Loving oneself and then others requires knowledge of our true nature.

We are not what we do.  We are not what we have.  We are not our jobs.  We are not our personalities.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  The tough part of this is that when we don’t love ourselves, we go to any length to try and get it from someone or something else.  We believe it is out there; maybe in the arms of a soul-mate.  We look for love in all the wrong places, but it isn’t out there.  This lack of self love shows up in a world in which we settle.  We end up doing jobs we don’t like.  We stay in relationships that don’t empower us.  We don’t go for our dreams.  The truth is, if we had five per cent more self love then our world would be awesome!

Love, in our human condition works powerfully when it is expressed in two ways: non-judgment and forgiveness.  If we have judged, then we have locked up the energy around that event.  Once we have judged, the way out is through forgiveness.  The way to do this is, to not judge anyone or anything for any reason.  When we truly forgive we are literally saying to someone thank you “for giving” me this event which allows me to look at where I am stuck. Your homework for tonight is to find five per cent more self love and see what happens!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

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