Heart to Heart 16


My friend Arnold Patent used to say that abundance is the natural state of affairs in the Universe.  There is more than enough of everything for everyone on planet Earth.  Then how do we explain that so many millions live in lack?   Even in the United States there are millions living in poverty while most people are experiencing unparalleled prosperity.  Ninety-seven per cent of the US population will retire on incomes below the poverty level. How could this be?  We are well educated.  We possess the creative ability to achieve affluence.  Could it be that many of us do not feel we deserve abundance?

How do you define prosperity? Is it how much material substance we have created?  Is it the size of our annual income?  Is it the amount of our estate?  Is it material at all?  Someone once defined abundance as being able to do whatever one desires whenever one desires to do so. Here are my definitions of abundance:

I believe you are abundant if you are willing to give away everything you possess.

That you realize you do not own anything and you are only borrowing it for a lifetime or less.

You focus on what you do have and are truly grateful for it.

If you love yourself and others as yourself.

If you know who you really are.

If you know that nothing is missing.

If you believe it!

Underlying the belief of abundance is the principle of giving and receiving and the principle of what you focus on expands. The more we give the more we receive.  In fact they are one in the same.  When we give to others we realize that it is ourselves who are being enriched.  When we receive from others we are giving them a gift. It is the natural flow of the Universe.” The giver gets the greatest gift!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

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