Heart to Heart 164

Curiosity Friday

I went for a two and a half hour hike with Lou Ann and Ganapatiye, our Grandson.  He just left and went back to L.A.  It was a wonderful two days together.  Ganapatiye is a beautiful soul inside and out.  The three of us enjoy each other a lot.  We chatted about many things on our adventure.  We were talking about judgment and how easy it is for anyone to go there.  Judgment is not a bad thing; although I think our society holds it out as something negative.  It is simply an opinion, notion, estimate or possibly a conclusion.  It is not based necessarily on facts.  An example would be : if I saw someone throw a piece of trash on the trail while out hiking; I might say “what a jerk!”.  However the facts would be: someone threw a piece of paper on the ground.  It was my judgment that turned the action into something negative. Maybe the piece of trash had a poisonous insect on it!  So the action could have been perceived differently.

This is what we do as a culture.  We constantly observe activities and offer an opinion on the action.  Our opinion does not make the action good or bad.  Dr. Brad Blanton, who wrote “Radical Honesty”, used to say “we humans are meaning making machines”.  And we meta-physicians are masters at it!  I believe to our credit; we look at life with a lot of curiosity.  We want to know how it all works.  Where did we come from?  Where are we going?  What is the meaning of life?  So we observe events and try to connect all the dots to answer these major life questions.  It was curiosity that killed the cat.  It is curiosity that enlivens the human.  Life is a magnificent, magical puzzle of endless events which we love to wonder about!

I encourage all of us to keep asking questions about everything.  Let us search for all the answers of life even if we never find them.  My experience with Universe is; if I keep my mind and heart open, then life is extraordinary, enchanting and marvelous!  From my inquiring heart to yours, Thomas

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