Heart to Heart 195

The day after

We are still in Los Angeles spending the day with Uma and grandsons.   We tried to go to the Griffith Observatory but there were thousands of people visiting and we couldn’t get in.  The observatory is in the north part of Hollywood where I grew up.  We traveled down many of the streets that I lived on as a child and it brought back many memories.  I used to go all over the neighborhood and pick fresh fruit off the trees.  We went by the Hollywood Presbyterian Church where I used to roller skate on Wednesday evenings and eat spaghetti. I fell in love for the first time at 16. I have an urge to return sometime and take a few days to find many of the places that I lived and take some pictures and recall the memories. A magical place that will always stay embedded in my memory!

We are staying tonight down in Los Angeles at the Hari Krishna center.  We had a wonderful vegan meal.  The greater Hari Krishna world organization feeds over two million people for free daily all over the world.  This is the essence of spirituality! This is the Hindu religion that has been around for thousands of years. They are vegetarians.  We are blessed to be able to be here tonight and then we will head home tomorrow.  The more I experience other philosophies of life the more I experience oneness.  At our core, we citizens of Oneness create an amazing spectrum of beliefs and practices.  However, when I talk with folks who honor Eastern religions it always feels like home to me.  They are more inclusive than many western religions, so it feels like family!  I am so grateful for my early life in this incredible city of so many ideas, beliefs and activities.  It is way too crowded for me now but it will always be home for me. From my all inclusive heart to yours, Thomas


  1. It was fabulous to meet up with you and my sons this year! What a surprise to make it after all. Truly enjoyed seeing you, hanging out, chatting and hearing some of your stories; so glad you could share them with my sons. If you get the chance to rent out your entire Airbnb home in February, I am having a book event/Valentine’s Concert and interactive sharing Feb. 11 12-3pm, maybe you both can come out for it!! love to see you, as always, Love Guru Uma

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