Heart to Heart 227


Lou Ann and I went to a conference in Sedona on water.  Not your usual kind of water.  We found out about structured water, the nature of water, the spirit of water and how it could change the world.  The Earth is mostly water as are we.  In recent years we have learned about the intelligence of water.  Many of us were exposed to the work of Masaru Emoto; we witnessed it in the breakthrough metaphysical movie “What The Bleep”.  He discovered, by freezing water crystals, we could see that water was affected by our emotions.  A whole industry about putting positive words on bottles filled with liquid ensued.

Today our education went a step further.  We found out that water is more alive when it turns and moves.  People who dance live longer lives because they are turning their bodies through space.  Our molecules love the Hokey Pokey! Structured water is water that is in motion as well. This water is more alive and better for us. We put a whole house filter in our home here in the Village of Oak Creek.  I am so enthused by the possibilities of this new form of water that we became distributors for it! Email me at thomas@positiveplace.com if you want to find out about it! Now, many companies are building Hydrogen cars.  It is the transportation of the future.

I ended the day going for a walk in our neighborhood.  I stopped and spoke with a man doing landscaping on his own property.  We spoke about 15 minutes about the beauty of life .  Then another neighbor was washing his car and I yelled out “it looks great” and he smiled and waved.  I had a flash that I was living in Pleasantville.

Do you remember the iconic movie of the same name?  It was a wonderful story of two teenagers living in 1998 current time who accidentally get transported into their television.  It turns out they are taken to the town of Pleasantville.  This is a town where everything is seemingly perfect.  The entire place is in black and white.  In truth, the folks in this town are living kind of a limited emotional existence.  Our protagonists help the town discover real emotions and they slowly turn from black and white to the whole spectrum of colors.

This of course is a metaphor for all of our lives in some ways.  Are we living in full color?  Are we discovering the depth of our heart’s desire or just some black and white copy?  I know that I am so blessed living here in Sedona; where not only is the topography in brilliant color but so are the people.  I encourage all of you to find your true colors and live your rainbow of life!  From my colorful heart to yours, Thomas

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