Heart to Heart 270

Ask, Listen, Act

Lou Ann and I watched a short film, five minutes long, it was brilliant.  It was about our intuition.  That part of us that communicates with us, often in a silent whisper or a knowing.  We call it our gut.  It is our connection with why we are here.  Life on Earth today can be overwhelming.  Consider what the human race has created and continues to do so.  Seven and a half billion souls making choices that affect everyone else.  The challenge is, most of us make choices in an unconscious way.  We are products of our environment, heritage, upbringing, education and genetic and reincarnation imprint.

Life comes at us at such a frenetic pace, that we choose quickly, and often it doesn’t serve us.  It is time to slow down.  It is time to stop, listen and then act.  Let us take a few moments each day and ask “Universe, how can I serve you today?”  Then listen for the answer.  It may come as an inner voice, an idea, a hunch or a feeling.  Whatever form it arrives, it is then we get to act.  When we do not, it can have repercussions that keep us from what we desire.  When we trust that inner part of ourselves that is connected to Oneness, magic can happen.  I know for me, some of my greatest accomplishments occurred, when I surrendered to that still small voice.  Once I got out of the way, my life was never the same!  I encourage us all to go within as often as possible and ask, listen and act.  The world will be a better place when we do.  From my intuitive heart to yours, Thomas

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