Heart to Heart 281

How Sweet It Is

Lou Ann and I went to Prescott Valley Arizona, fifty five miles from Sedona, to see our grandson Seth play a professional basketball game.  He played in a basketball league in Hungary for a few months.  He said it was good to be home, meaning the United States.  He played college basketball for the University of Maryland and the University of Virginia Tech.  He is six foot one and weighs 193 pounds.  He is left handed and has a good three point shot.  His dad and I used to play playground ball back in the early eighties in Phoenix Arizona.

The courts were outside with metal chain rims.  Seth’s dad Joe, who was about twenty at the time, and I would play on the same team on those Phoenix courts.  I was in my early forties, more than twice as old as any of the other men and boys playing there. I started playing basketball when I was twelve and played in high school at Hollywood High.  I was an excellent long distance shooter.  Little did they know!  Joe would get the rebound and pass it out to me and swish I would sink a long shot.  This scenario kept repeating and finally one of the players exclaimed “somebody guard the old white guy” The three point line didn’t exist in college basketball until 1987.  It was sweet to do something so well!

Another sweet thing, is Seth’s smile when he plays.  So many players are so intense and even angry when they play.  Seth has this big grin on his face a lot of the time! He is the product of good parenting and having a good attitude toward life.  May we all find something in life, that we enjoy so much, that we go around with a big grin on our face! From a proud grandpa’s heart to yours, Thomas

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