Heart to Heart 317

When You Care Enough

I love my new computer.  It’s just a thing, but it serves me well right now. Tonight, Lou Ann and I watched a Hallmark Hall Of Fame movie.  These movies have a lot of emotion and feeling to them.  More than a regular weekly program.  The story tonight was about a woman dying of cancer. She has a daughter who is angry with her, so there is a lot of healing to take place.  The Hall of Fame movies also have fabulous commercials.  They use the Hallmark saying of “When you care enough to send the very best” and expand upon it.  The commercials are real life stories of people making a difference in their communities.  One of the themes was “When you care enough to be someone’s hero!  They showed a group of people who gather together to help each other with the most basic things like food and shelter.

When we serve in a bread line we are someone’s hero.  When we bring them a blanket to keep them warm.  When we give them shoes to cover their feet.  When we paint their house, mow their lawn, take them to the doctor, help them buy groceries we can be their hero.  When we march for veterans or teachers or people being limited in their civil rights, we are heroes.  We don’t have to be rich or educated or smart.  We only have to care enough, to take the time to do what will help our fellow humans and other sentient beings.  From my caring heart to yours, Thomas


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