Heart to Heart 41

Three energies walking down a path and one named Present speaks: Hey I heard you two talking about not liking the now, what’s that all about?

Past:Well I really love the good old days. I remember when I used to do all the things I liked to do. There was less crime and not much pollution and you could buy a loaf of bread for a buck!

Future: Well someday I am going to be wealthy and live on my own private island.  I’m going to lose weight and take a class on oil reading.

Past: That’s aura reading.

Future: Yeah, right!

Present: But don’t you get it, I’m the only time there is.  You two don’t exist. So many regret youm Past and lot’s of folks are afraid of you, Future.

Future: Listen I give people hope, if it weren’t for me the stock market wouldn’t work!

Past: And I give people memories. If it weren’t for me people would  have to be responsible.

Present” That’s just it, you two take everyone out of their power>

Past: Power schmower, I give people’s lives meaning like how good looking they used to be or how thin.

Future: Yeah, and I let people fantasize about how they are going to find their soulmate and move to Giuseppe Verde.

Past: That’s Camp Verde!

Future: Yeah, right.

Present: You two are impossible. Past, you are gone and Future you haven’t arrived.  No one can experience either of you. They can only be whole when they are totally in me! I give them the opportunity to realize who they really are!

Many of us spend too much time in both the past and future.  There really is only now.  When we become present to our feelings and stay with them without judgment we are the most powerful.  This little comedy skit pictures how many of us miss out on the powerful present.  Meditation is one of the best ways to be more in the here and now! From my heart to yours, Thomas

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