Heart to Heart 446 Spend Time in Love

Spend Time in Love

One of the great creations of Spirit is the ability to choose.  We are so blessed to be able to choose our life experience.  Many of us, have lives that have been hampered by our choices and sometimes the actions of others.  Here is the gift!  Choose again!  When given or creating circumstances that feel limiting and fearful, we can choose love.  I know that this sometimes sounds airy fairy!  Oh sure it is easy to choose love except when you are up to your eyeballs in challenges.  It is still a choice.  We can lean towards love or lean towards fear.  Leaning either way creates more of the same.

Let us think of the times in our life when we felt love and caring from others.  Let us also think of the times when we were in such a loving place that we easily gave our love to others.  Remember when you were held by someone who cared.  Remember that teacher who praised your efforts.  Remember that warm tongue of your puppy on your nose.  Remember your first time you held someone’s hand in a romantic way.  Remember the smile on your friends face when you wished them happy birthday.  Remember the time you risked doing something you feared and you succeeded! Remember your first kiss!  Remember your last kiss!

We could go on and on about recalling all the times we felt love.  Now let us do it one more time.  Go look in a mirror and tell your reflection how much you love yourself.  Yes, challenges in life may continue to arrive.  When we are full of love, we can meet them and welcome them.  They just give us another reason to remember we are love!  From my loving heart to yours, Thomas.

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