Heart to Heart 457 Rumpled or Smooth

Rumpled or Smooth

Let us picture Oneness as a gigantic cloth.  We are all threads that make up this wonderful cloth.  Each thread supports every other thread and keeps it intact and looking beautiful.  When one of the threads gets torn or raveled or snagged, it affects the rest of the fabric.  Through our choices and environment and how we experience life, we can some times become unstrung.  It is easy to become unraveled!  We experience losses of jobs and loves and loved ones and homes and dreams.  Then the whole cloth begins to look rumpled.  It is not longer smooth and whole.

Each thread in life, is connected to every other thread, in an infinite amount of ways.  We are indivisible in spirit, in mind, in soul, and love, so it seems.  When we make choices that do not support our own life experience, it affects our mates, our children, our neighbors, everyone across the globe, in some way. Simple things, like if a person smokes a cigarette and it affects their health, it affects the cloth.  If someone says an unkind remark, it spoils the fabric.  It I choose to eat unhealthy food, it hurts the team.  If I hurt anyone or anything in any way, it damages the cloth.

WE are infinitely, eternally tied to each other!  We are our sister and brother’s keeper.  We are so intricately bound to each other that when one of us is injured in any way, we are all injured. The giant hurricane happening now on the east coast of the United States, is happening to our family’s cloth.  Let us take some time to appreciate our uniqueness and our Oneness.  Let us take a deep breath and connect with all the other threads of life.  They are animal, mineral, vegetable, human, and every subatomic particle of Creation.

Let us be very conscious of our thoughts and words and deeds and know that they make up the fabric of life.  May we love each other to wholeness and become the smooth cloth of Life!  From my heart threads to yours, Thomas

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