Heart to Heart 464 Farenheit 11/9

Fahrenheit 11/9

Lou Ann and I just saw this movie.  It was a huge movie about vital issues that concern us all.  Michael Moore, the creator of the film, is a brilliant, thorough documentary movie maker.  He goes to great lengths to develop a story that must be seen by everyone who cares about the United States.  Moore doesn’t pull any punches in his narrative about the state of our country, before and since Donald Trump became president.  He is also not soft on President Obama and Hillary Clinton.  I encourage everyone to see this movie.  Whether you are politically knowledgeable or active, it can still enlighten you as to what Americans might do to take back their country.

I have avoided sharing politics in this blog.  I have wanted to keep the essence about heart and soul issues.  I still want to keep the spirit of our blog centered in Oneness.  Now I feel I must take a stand for all the Earth’s people and animals and beings who have no voice.

We inhabitants of planet Earth are standing on the brink of potential tragedies, for a majority of it’s citizens.  Climate change, poverty, war, hunger and a myriad of other challenges face us.  It is time for the extraordinary, ordinary people of the world to stand up and be counted.  The powers that be, have mostly sold out to money and power.  We need to encourage heart centered fellow Americans, just like us, to run for office.  Then,we get to do all we can, to get them elected.  It may not be easy, but it will be worth the effort.  Right now, more than a hundred candidates for office are women.  This is fantastic!  Hopefully there will be more.  When we get more than fifty per cent women holding office, we can move forward to a brighter tomorrow and  change the world.

I encourage everyone to get involved in some way, so that Michael Moore makes movies about how wonderful everything is!  From my engaged heart to yours, Thomas