Heart to Heart 471 The Gift of Life!

The Gift of Life!

Sitting here Sunday night, wrapping up another week of sharing this blog with you folks.  Lou Ann and I are so blessed to be living in our home, atop a hill just south of a wide expanse of ancient red rocks.  We call it the Million Dollar View!  Actually, it is priceless. We are so thankful that the Universe has gifted us with this place, this life and this love!

I thank you for reading and responding and sharing our blog, when you desire.  We’ve been doing it for 471 days in a row.  When I started, I had no idea that this would occur.  I have things inside my heart that I want the world to know.  They may not be profound.  They may be just my perspective.  They may not ring true with others.  I feel like I have to share them.  Not as an obligation, but as a passion.

It is an honor, to be read by another light being.  We are both part of the same Oneness.  We have something to say to each other, that might make a difference, in a positive way.  We live in a world where many folks are yelling and screaming.  And many are in such pain, that it makes sense that they do yell out!  We can hold one another when we suffer and help us each to feel loved.  We can listen to each other without thinking what we might say next.  It is one of the greatest gifts in life, to be heard by another’s heart and soul.

I believe that everything is on purpose.  It is not an accident that I write and you read and respond.  It is part of some great grand plan of consciousness that we get to live it out together! We are the gift of life!  From my very thankful heart to yours, Thomas