Heart to Heart 472 Every Step We Take

Every Step We Take

I was out on my walk today.  I have done this walk hundreds of times.  I never tire of the beauty of it.  Today, it was a difficult journey.  I was more fatigued than usual, going up one of the hills.  Two days ago, I felt like I could run up the hill!  Biorhythms? Biorhythms are the supposed cycles that your mind/body/spirit complex experiences as a result of an abundance or lack of universal energy within the self. Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of a person are affected.  Science has largely negated this.  However, I know there are days that I have higher and lower energy, mentally, physically and emotionally.

So today, I was trudging up the hill instead of gliding.  What I did become aware of is, that I was going to continue no matter how I felt.  I also remembered a little mantra that I sometimes say, which is: One more step I take, is one more step I take.  Let me explain.  It is clear that the better physical shape we are in will most likely lead to a longer, healthier life.  Is it guaranteed? No!  The odds are with us though. I believe it is important to believe that this may be the only life we get to live. It will encourage us to live better, love better, eat better, think better, laugh more, be healthier, be present and live in the moment.

I returned back home from my four mile walk and I was not as tired, as half way through the walk.  I realize that I am blessed to be able to exercise like this.  I am healthy enough to do it and I have the time.  I am encouraging all of you to take one more step.  One more emotional, spiritual, physical step will earn you many more perhaps.  Then your journey may be longer, healthier and happier and richly blessed!  From my healthy heart to yours, Thomas