Heart to Heart 476 Another March

Another March

A few of us men and a whole lot of pissed off women, will be marching again in Sedona Arizona, tomorrow at 10 am.  Regardless of the political choices you normally make, please get involved for the support of women, who have been violated by men.  There should be no sides in this action.  Every human being on Earth must be treated with love, respect and safety.  It is not funny to get drunk and do stupid things.  It is time for all people to stand up and create a planet, that is totally safe for all of it’s beings.

It is true, that those of us who act out on others in inappropriate ways, have damaged places within.  For those of us who have been hurt and have never healed, it is time to find a way to inner peace.  Even though we men do not like it said of us, we are responsible for most of the violence in this world.  I urge all men to get the courage to find a way to heal the pain inside of us; that creates all this mayhem.  We were not trained well and we carry so much unexpressed sorrow and pain that women and children and all the other creatures of our Earth suffer for it.  Enough is enough.

Not only is it time to march, it is time to vote.  It is time to vote in as many women and men with open and healed hearts as possible.  We are standing on the brink of a huge shift in consciousness.  It is time to heal the hurt and stand together as one.  If you are in Sedona or some other place in our country, please join us! From my marching heart to yours, Thomas