Heart to Heart 484 12 Notes in an Octave

12 Notes in an Octave

Lou Ann and I went to see A Star is Born tonight. The movie is raw, visceral, emotional, exciting and brilliantly directed and acted.  I would guess that Bradley Cooper, who directed, produced and starred, and Lady Gaga who starred and was phenomenal and Sam Elliot who was wonderful will get Academy Award nominations. If you like highly entertaining, well made movies, don’t miss it!

A was going to title this blog tonight A Star is Born before I went to the movie.  There is a scene in it where Elliot’s character shares with Lady Gaga about something that Cooper’s character said.  He said there are 12 notes in an octave and that musicians get to play with that.  That is all they get.  And that she did those notes in a special way.

I thought about all of us.  We are all given life, and breath and brains and minds and hearts.  We all get to play our songs, our music, sing our words.  Cooper’s character tells Gaga’s character earlier in the movie, (my recollection) to sing her words, not to sell herself short, to sing what she believed.  I am encouraging all of us tonight, to sing our songs.  We may not be musicians, we may not even be good at singing.  We all have something inside of us that longs to be shared.  We have gifts that no one else has.  We have a way of expressing that is totally unique to us!

Please find your voice.  Whether it is a whisper to your lover’s ear, or encouragement to your children, or shouting to the full moon.  Say it loud and say it with the knowledge, that it comes from a deep place inside of you, that is sacred to the Universe.  And say it till the day you die!  You came here with a purpose to let your light so shine, that all of the rest of us are illuminated forever!  From my 12 octave heart to yours, Thomas