Heart to Heart 486 What Will They Say When You Die?

What Will They Say When You Die

Lou Ann and I have taken many personal trainings in our time together. They were focused on creating the best life possible, from a variety of perspectives.  One of the events we attended, had a session in it, where we were to imagine our last day on Earth.  We were lying in a bed.  Who was there for you?  Was there anyone?  What were those who gathered at the foot of your bed, thinking or feeling?  Were they sad?  Were they just being polite?  It was a profound experience for me.  As I went through the session I cried and cried, almost inconsolably.  The sadness was more about what I felt I had not been, for those gathered at my final day.

I read a tribute to a person on Facebook today given by Cathy Gazda to her beloved friend, Kevin.  I just want all of us to have someone write words like this about us on our final day.  Here is what she said today.

I wish each of you could have known Kevin, even if you only met him briefly, you’d remember him forever.  Like many others, I will miss his brilliant mind, astute observations and profound insights. Which is what brought us together 50 years ago – but, even more so, about life…and what it is to love and be loved. Kevin was kind, funny, witty, generous, considerate, charming, possibly the most eloquent person I’ve ever known.

Along with these many qualities, Kevin had an extraordinary gift for living in the present moment. He was an active listener…reflecting on what had been said, and what hadn’t been said…and offering a thoughtful response.  Even with enormous trials over the last 3 years since his diagnosis with a rare form of cancer, he maintained a keen sense of humor and unwavering focus on living each day to its fullest.

You always led by example, Kevin…forever a trailblazer. And, though we will no longer see you in your physical form…like stars in the sky, the radiant light you brought to the world will continue to shine, more boundlessly than ever. Thank you, for being my friend.

I wish this for all of us. Even more wonderful, to hear these words of praise while we are alive and can look in each other’s eyes and feel each others souls. Cathy was able to share the words she posted today with Kevin, before he died. May we all live our lives so that these words might be said to us.  Not to live this way to earn praise, but to live this way because it is who we are and how we showed up!  From my thankful heart to yours, Thomas

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