Heart to Heart 519 Stay Young at Heart

Stay Young at Heart

Years ago, I was performing regularly in musicals. We would rehearse for about three months and then play several performances for audiences.  During this long period of repeating the same music and lines over and over, I would have trouble keeping the songs out of my mind.  When I was up late and the lyrics kept repeating in my head, I would sing one particular song.  I called it my “clearing” song. It is called Young at Heart. When I finished the song, I would fall asleep and be at peace.  Here are the lyrics:

Fairy tales can come true
It can happen to you if you’re young at heart
For it’s hard, you will find
To be narrow of mind if you’re young at heart
You can go to extremes with impossible schemes
You can laugh when your dreams fall apart at the seams
And life gets more exciting with each passing day
And love is either in your heart or on its way
Don’t you know that it’s worth
Every treasure on Earth to be young at heart
For as rich as you are
It’s much better by far to be young at heart
And if you should survive to a hundred and five
Look at all you’ll derive out of bein’ alive
And here is the best part, you have a head start
If you are among the very young at heart
I have had many impossible schemes and lots have fallen apart at their seams.  Lou Ann and I have had our share of failed experiences.  However, it doesn’t seem to deter us.  We keep dreaming dreams, for ourselves and others.  And life does get more exciting with each passing day. I wish for all of you to follow your young heart. I encourage everyone to keep dreaming impossible dreams.  This is what makes life so exciting.  The promise of the song is, if you stay young at heart, life will be exciting, and worth every treasure on Earth.  From my young heart to yours, Thomas