Heart to Heart 523 Soul Love

Soul Love

Sounds like a 1960’s TV show!  We are love.  We came from love, we return to love, we will always be love.  Our limited ego doesn’t know this.  It often lives in fear.  It has been brainwashed, indoctrinated, otherwise completely filled with limitation and ignorance.  We get to learn to allow the ego to surrender its hold on illusion.  We are eternal. limitless, beings of light and love.  Our souls know this.  The soul is patient. It will literally wait forever for us to get a clue.

One way to create a soul reunion is to learn to be silent.  When we spend moments in a peaceful state and suspend our mind chatter, it is easier to reconnect with that eternal part of us.  When we learn Yoga or meditation or some other form of mindfulness, we return home.

As we move through these busy days of work and play and holiday celebrations, let us remember who we are.  We are One.  From my soul to yours, Thomas

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