Heart to Heart 530 Family


Recently, I answered a post on Facebook.  It was from someone named Ashley.  We had never met before or connected online. She shared that she and her husband are organic farmers and they just got into town.  She also shared that they had experience in permaculture. I quickly responded to her post and we met a few weeks ago.  Since then, they have uncovered old garden plots covered with tall weeds on our lot.  They cleared them and have now created compost piles and planted winter seeds.  We got a couple of apple trees and other plants as well and put them in the soil. Now we are putting together a greenhouse that we found for free on Facebook.

Today, Ashley, Austin (her husband), Sparky, their dog and I cleared land on our acre to create a circular driveway that Lou Ann has desired for a long time.  I was quoted $2500 to do the same work by a landscaper! It will be a big help for parking for our vacation guests. In the mornings they have been making us organic juice. Tonight I made a vegan pasta dish and Ashley made a fabulous vegan salad for us all.

It makes me think of family and what that means.  My four children are back in northern Virginia raising their families and creating their careers.  They have eleven children and six grandchildren.  Lou Ann’s daughter Uma lives in Hawaii with her husband Dave and her children live in Los Angeles and Olympia Washington. We miss being with them a lot. So the Universe gave us a gift of an extended family when these two wonderful angels appeared out of the blue and have become family too!

Ashley and Austin are staying with us at our home and we are honored and blessed to have them with us!  I hope all of you find connections in your life that create abundance, love, and joy. From my overflowing heart to yours, Thomas