Heart to Heart 536 Making a Difference

Making a Difference

I was honored to be part of a meeting here in Sedona about sustainability.  If you have seen the latest scientific studies, we are at a point of no return for our planet.  We discussed why so many people do not get the urgency of our situation. If you are in an area that keeps getting flooded or your home burned to the ground, you get it. The question is why is their such lethargy around this vital issue?

One of the reasons is that for most folks the danger is too far away either in the actual land distance or time distance.  When reports say that the city of Miami Florida will be underwater by the end of the century, many cannot wrap themselves around the danger. Even if they believe that this will occur, it is so far in the future they won’t do anything to change the outcome.  These dire predictions are also going to happen all along the coastal regions around the Earth. So what is the answer?

Here in Sedona, we are part of a coalition of different businesses and organizations who are taking grassroots steps to turn climate change around even if only locally. At Sustainability Alliance, the brilliant founder Darcy Hitchcock has come up with a formula for certifying sustainable businesses. Go to sustainabiliityallianceaz.org to find out more information and perhaps get something going in your community.

I am encouraging everyone to get involved and do it now! Please do whatever you can to create a healthy world for your children and grandchildren. This is the largest most vital issue for the safety of our planet and all of its inhabitants. It is up to folks like you and me to take the lead! From my sustainable heart to yours, Thomas