Heart to Heart 539 Tired Puppy

It has rained here yesterday and today.  Our tournament started about four hours late.  We began play at one o’clock and finished about eight o’clock. It was an amazing day of tennis.  My team played two matches in which there a dozen games decided by one point and four of the sets decided by a tie breaker and the whole match decided by two points?

I was exhausted.  However I have a happy heart.  I feel that whenever we give a lot of time and effort to a passion, we win whether we had the most points or not.  I feel like it is that way in most of life.  There are no losers. There are folks who show up and give it their all and there are results. it does the soul good to play full out at life!

I would encourage everyone to find something you love and give it your whole heart and soul.  You will be richly rewarded in the fact that you gave it your all win or lose.  At this point, there are no losers.  There are folks who find a passion and see it through.  The end result may not look like our intention and it is still a win.

Bless you all in whatever your heart desires and your mind and body create.  From my tired body and elated heart to yours, Thomas