Spiritual Cinema in Sedona, Arizona

We have moved back to Sedona, Arizona after eleven years!  Wow! It’s amazing to reconnect with our friends from the past and meet new ones!  We are settling into the Village of Oak Creek and hope you can join us on Wednesday evenings  for a showing of Spiritual Cinema.  We have been receiving these films for many years and have loved watching them! There will be lots of time each week for discussion and laughter!

Thomas and Lou Ann visiting Ranjita and Oman

Thomas and Lou Ann visiting Ranjita and Oman in their magical treehouse on the property up the Canyon

Please contact us by email and let us know you are joining us, so we can send details of our time and location! Contact Lou Ann at louann@positiveplace.com or Thomas at thomas@positiveplace.com


  1. It sounds like great fun and enlightening times, and if we were closer you know we’d be there! Sending you good vibes from across the planet tho. Maybe Bhima can attend…big hugs and thank you both for your loving support of him, I know he LOVES LOVES LOVES being back in Arizona! Sending you all big hugs, Uma & Dave

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