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Heart to Heart 257


The wonderful life trainer Jim Rohn once said “Success is something you attract by the person you become.”  To expand that concept to all of life. I believe that whatever you attract in life is because of what you believe and often about what you have chosen.

I have been reviewing a film for the festival that is about a man who goes through a horrible life altering accident.  He then discovers success principles and develops a  system to share them with others.   He then becomes wealthy and famous.  Later he is afflicted with a rare form of cancer.  He battles this disease for months and is finally in remission.  This ordeal shows him that he was obsessed with success and all the trappings it brings.  He became a success-aholic.  He spent way too much time doing that and not enough time being an excellent mate, father and friend.

What he discovered along the way is.  Life is not fair, it just is.  Things happen to us that we least expect.  When they do, we get to choose how we are going to feel and how we will face them.  It is often that our hardships define our character.  Then, through the process of dealing with them, we discover something deep inside we didn’t know we had.  Our spirit, our life force can often rally and perform and create beyond our wildest dreams.

When it is all said and done we often discover that the love, the sharing, the caring, our families and friends are our success.  Let us support each other to help discover the gifts, the energy, the joy, the passion, the courage to be successful in life!  From my encouraging heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 257

It’s Party Time!

I have been privileged to be a part of the current Sedona International Film Festival as a guest.   Lou Ann and I, and other team members of our Illuminate Film Festival have been able to see some wonderful films.  At night there are parties where all the filmmakers and festival employees and guests like myself, get to mingle, network and support the industry.  What I like most about it, is the passion the filmmakers have for their work.  It appears that most are doing what they love to do.  This festival is different from our Illuminate Film Festival.  It runs ten days and has 168 films of all varieties and interests.  Here is our mission statement:

Our mission is to elevate human consciousness and inspire lasting transformation through cinema.

ILLUMINATE is the world’s premier film festival for conscious cinema. Dedicated to spreading enlightened ideas and pushing humanity forward, ILLUMINATE is a landmark destination event and centerpiece for conscious content. Founded on the premise that the language of film is universal and a dynamic force in carrying messages to the masses, the Festival showcases the best of conscious media to uplift, inspire and transform.

In a way, our volunteering for this is fulfilling the dream we had twenty years ago, to create our conscious television show.  Cinema can certainly have an impact on the Earth.  When it is done for the purpose of inspiring and transforming it takes on a larger meaning for me.

After I finish this blog, I will head out to the party and meet more exciting and committed folks who make me feel young again.  From my celebratory heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 256

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Someone I trust sent me this email about growing our own food.  Make sure your soil is healthy. Then you can have your own organic veggies!

Amidst all the health claims, one piece of advice never changes: fresh vegetables are an important source of nutrients that help prevent chronic diseases.

The fresher those vegetables are, the more nutrients and benefits they contain.

It’s that simple.

That’s why so many people grow their own vegetables.

There’s nothing more fresh than yard-to-table meals.

And the good news is that you can keep your garden simple, too.

My friend and master gardener, Stacey Murphy, can show you how to do this, whether you’re just getting started, hoping to double your harvest, or anything in between.

She created a video called Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables for Just Pennies, and when you watch it, you’ll discover how to choose vegetables for your garden that work for you.

Plus, you’ll see how an effective system can simplify your garden efforts so that you can confidently make decisions that put more fresh food on your plate.

After training thousands of growers, Stacey knows what works and has put together this free workshop series to help millions of growers (new and seasoned) succeed.

Of course, saving on organics is just one of the many reasons growing your own vegetables and herbs is PRICELESS. Spending time outdoors, knowing exactly what’s in your food, and feeling connected to your community and nature’s rhythms are just a few of the other benefits.

I highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to save on organics. Click here to get free access to her video training.

With love,


P.S. – Want to know if it’s better to buy seeds or seedlings for your vegetable garden? Stacey’s side-by-side comparison might surprise you. Check it out in her latest video: Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables for Just Pennies.


There is a vital connection between our nutrition and our mental and emotional health.  When our bodies are not in good health, from eating less than excellent food, it affects how we think and how we feel.  A lot of the miseries in our world can be helped by good nutrition.  Many conflicts could be prevented by people having enough to eat.  We could eliminate most of our medical costs by making good food choices. I know when I am eating well, I am happier and make better decisions.  I want you all to live the longest healthiest lives possible!  From my healthy heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 255

Love Flowing

When I left the Sedona Film Festival function last night, the car parked next to me had a license plate that said lvtolove.  When I got in the car and turned on the radio the song that was playing was Goodbye Girl by David Gates the lead singer of Bread.  Richard Dreyfuss is going to be at the film festival this week here in Sedona. When I got home last night I noticed I had written my blog but somehow not posted it.  I opened my computer to Facebook and on the left of the page was a post from Marsha Mason, Dreyfuss’ co-star in the movie Goodbye Girl.  Don’t you love it?  While at the function last night I was remarking to another person that when I am in the flow of following my inner guidance I have so many more serendipitous events.  When I get in a fear space and focus on money to pay the bills, I have less.  Just sayin…….

We went to a Vegan celebration last night to eat desserts and listen to Will Tuttle perform.  He is a healthy, enthusiastic, and profoundly happy vegan since 1980, and Dharma Master in the Zen Buddhist tradition, and sees his mission as one of bringing the message of radical inclusion to our wounded and fragmented culture.  He plays the piano in an improvisational style.  His compositions are vibrant and melodious.  It was exciting to watch he and his wonderful flutist wife share their music and passion with us.

Will is also the author of The World Peace Diet.  Here is the message of his book: My message is that veganism is a philosophy and practice of radical inclusion, and that going vegan is the most positive, uplifting, and trans-formative action any human being can make in our culture today. I see it as a profound and effective questioning of the core violence of our culture. I believe that veganism is a loving response that makes us part of the solution to the crises that beset us, rather than being part of the problem.

Loving is about a lot of things.  Mostly, it is seeing everything and everyone as one and honoring that.  Let us all do as much as we can to create a more gentle, inclusive, loving world.  From my mostly loving heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 254


I know you all probably get tired of me repeating this theme.  It is follow your heart; it knows what to do.  Lou Ann and I watched the movie Serendipity again today.  Please see it for yourself and let me know what you experienced. In ancient Greece they didn’t have obituaries.  They only asked did the person “live with passion”! In a scene in the movie, one of the protagonists writes an obituary about the other and says “Trager secretly clung to the belief that life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. Uh-uh. But rather, its a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.”

We are Divine and we get to live the plan.  The wonderful thing is, we don’t have to know what it is.  We don’t have to spend time figuring it out. It has already been arranged by our Soul.  It wants us to have a life full of passion, beauty and prosperity.  It doesn’t matter if you find your soulmate, because you are it.  The people who come into our lives are all the pieces of this divine tapestry.  We are here for each other to live our magnificence!  If you are not experiencing it yet, no worries.  Just close your eyes and surrender to your unknown life plan.  Then say to Universe ” I am ready to live fully and freely from my heart and I let you lead the way”  From my surrendered heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 253

Collateral Beauty

In December of 2016, our Illuminate Film Festival team had the honor of holding the United States grand opening of the film Collateral Beauty.  It was a wonderful movie filled with emotion and discovery.  The critics didn’t like it.  They don’t like movies of the heart as well as high tech, hero movies that kill thousands to entertain us.  My judgment of course.  The movie starred Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, Edward Norton and other notable actors.  The story was about a man who would attempt to overcome some personal tragedy.  His personal philosophy of life was what we often share here in this blog.

What is your why?  Why did you get up this morning?  What did you eat?  What were your plans for the day?  And on a bigger template, why are you here on planet Earth?  What are you doing in this lifetime?  In the movie, Smith gets letters from love, death and time.  Each of us gets to utilize these elements in each of our lifetimes.  Will we find love and give it?  We have a certain amount of time that only our soul knows.  How will we spend it?  We will end this life at death.  How will we be celebrated?  How will we celebrate ourselves?

The term collateral beauty could be used to describe the meaning behind something. For example, when something bad happens to a person, they might want to check for the collateral beauty or the hidden meaning behind the event, which could be a beautiful thing.  Even though at the time of the event, it is often too painful to do so.  Collateral beauty is all around us and in us.  We are an integral part of the beauty of the Earth.  We are each other’s collateral beauty.  May we all be able to see that beauty and acknowledge it.  From my collateral heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 252

The Present

I noticed that the movie E.T The Extraterrestrial was playing on the TV tonight.  I loved that movie so much.  It came out the year Lou Ann and I got married.  It might have helped us to turn on our heart lights even brighter.  I thought on another E.T. as well, Eckhart Tolle, and he seems extraterrestrial as well.  One of his best books is The Power of Now. It’s no wonder that it has sold over 2 million copies worldwide and has been translated into over 30 foreign languages. Much more than simple principles and platitudes, the book takes readers on an inspiring spiritual journey to find their true and deepest self and reach the ultimate in personal growth and spirituality: the discovery of truth and light.

Tolle introduces readers to enlightenment and its natural enemy, the mind. He awakens us to our role as a creator of pain and shows us how to have a pain-free identity by living fully in the present. The journey is thrilling, and along the way, the author shows how to connect to the indestructible essence of our Being, “the eternal, ever-present One Life beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death”.

So, it is time to phone home.  Meaning, make a connection with that place inside of ourselves that is eternal and only knows how to love.  We could do it through contemplation and meditation or taking a walk in nature or looking in the mirror and smiling at the beautiful soul smiling back. After all, we are all extraterrestrials.  We came here from spirit to shine so bright, that everyone who sees that light will remember their way home too!  From my extraterrestrial heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 251


I was playing tennis today at Poco Diablo.  We play sets that have eight total games in them.  So the score could be anything from 8-0 to 4-4 or anything in between.  Today, my partner and I were playing against a team that did not have the same skill level as we did.  At a certain point in the match we were losing six games to one.  I was walking over to take my position for the final game and I noticed that my face felt like it had a tightness, like a frown on it.  I then thought, if my team was winning my face would more likely be relaxed and have a smile.  Then it occurred to me that there were four people playing a game which consisted of eight parts.  I was one of the four.  I switched my perspective and saw all four of us as partners having fun doing what we love.  Then I felt different.  It didn’t matter to me which team had six and which had one game.  It was just joyful to be there and enjoying the moment.

I just saw on Facebook, a post that I did six years ago today.  I have shared it with you before; it is good enough to share again.

I recently went to the neighboring island of Oahu to play in a tennis tournament and I stayed with a wonderful friend Rytwin Lee who took me to Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha and discovered an amazing oath about the business posted on the wall and here it is:

I solemnly promise to live every heartbeat of my life, from this day forward, with Pure Aloha.

Every single word that comes out of my mouth and every single action, be it large or small must first come from my compassionate heart and be supported by my thoughtful mind.

With an open heart and and open mind, I will unconditionally love every person who crosses my path of life, as a fellow member of our one world ohana.

If I truly try my best to do all these things, I will become the person I was born to be, filled with inner peace and complete happiness.

Living every heatbeat with Pure aloha I can bring love into the hearts of others and make our world a better place.

If you want to take the pledge, go to

I would love for as many people as possible on our Earth to live this oath.

From my aloha heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 250


We had a wonderful Illuminate Film Festival get together tonight at the Briar Patch up in Oak Creek Canyon.  A dozen of us gathered to eat delicious food, sit around warm fires and continue to bond together.  We had a sharing experience where each of us told of movies that made a difference in our lives.  There was a wide range of films from romantic to thriller to Freddie Krueger.  Some of the titles were Chariots of Fire, In The Wild, Powder, Love Actually, and Signs.

Mine was It’s A Wonderful Life.  I have seen it sixty times.  Every year we watch it on Christmas Day.  Every year I weep openly when it gets to the end and George Bailey discovers how much he is valued by his friends and neighbors.  I cry tears of joy for George and I cry some tears of regret for myself.  I see George as the man I had wished I could have been.  We all would be fortunate to find out that we have made a significant positive difference in the lives of others.  When his brother Harry, raises a glass of champagne to toast George.  ” He says “To George Bailey, the richest man in town”.  We are all rich who give so much to others.  When we are loved by others, it is true wealth.

The Angel Clarence tells George: You’ve been given a great gift, George: A chance to see what the world would be like without you.  We are all connected to everyone and everything.  What we do and say matters.  It can affect us all.  We may not be famous or wealthy or educated.  However, when we live from our heart we create miracles and change the world for the better.  From my grateful heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 249

What Are We Afraid Of?

We come into life and subject ourselves to limitations that require self discovery from which to break free. Each lifetime is a chapter in the continuum of Earth travel.  We are writing a book and as the author we decide who the characters are in the novel.  When we incarnate, we choose our parents and the environment we wish to explore. We set up lessons that give us perspective about our journey.  Many of us don’t quite learn all we need, so we come back again to find out more.  As we mature, some of us gather enough wisdom to begin making choices that transcend our limited nature.  We discover that the only thing that is real is the True Self.

We are not our jobs.  We are not our personality.  We are not our egos.  We are not our excuses.  We are not our stories.  We are  Oneness, in a Divine dance of celebration and exploration.  The only thing real is the True Self.  And the one who is not concerned about self (little ‘s’), becomes free.  It is when we take total responsibility for our creations, we get to be free.  We then become free from death, from failure, from our past, from choices, from everything that keeps us from the truth.  We can then step into a place of pure inspiration.  We are then free to create without limitation of the mind and ego.  We create from the heart, the center of everything.

I encourage all of us to breakthrough our fear.  Fear of losing, fear of suffering, fear of not being enough.  Our journey here is about waking up, that is it.  All the rest is entertainment.  Waking up to our magnificence, to our beauty, to our limitless Self.  Then the journey is all we desired, before we were born.   From my awakened heart to yours, Thomas