Heart to Heart 442 Re-birth of a Nation

Re-birth of a Nation

Many of us were tuned in to see the coverage of the John McCain memorial service.  I used to live in the Capitol area.  The church I attended was just down the street from the National Cathedral.  He was given an observance usually reserved for presidents.  We live in an unusual time.  I am a very liberal person.  I disagreed with John McCain about many things.  We have in common, among other things, love of country and honor of commitment, we both served in the Armed Services.  I was fortunate to not be captured by the enemy.  If I had been, I am not sure I would have done what John did. He could have returned home from Viet Nam because of his family’s military heritage.  He did not.  He stayed behind with his comrades and he suffered deeply for it. I don’t know many human beings who would have done that.

I mention this because our nation is being challenged in a way that has not occurred in a long time, if ever.  There is an energy being expressed that is not loving and supportive.  There are decisions being made that are harmful to the planet and all of it’s inhabitants. I may need your help here.  Our goal in sharing this blog has been centered on a principle.  I have mostly attempted to be FOR things and not against them.  I think it was Mother Theresa that put it so aptly.  When asked if she would march against war; she declined and added “when there is a march for peace, count me in!” (My paraphrasing). So it is challenging sometimes, for me to keep this blog always moving in a forward direction.  There are times when I am deeply frustrated by what is happening to our society and I want to stand and shout ENOUGH!  I do get to do it, when I am honored to participate in the several Women’s marches we have had.

Today, for me, was a significant celebration. The remembrance of John McCain and all the kind words that were shared today gives me hope.  Even though many of the speakers at his memorial were diametrically opposed politically, they were in harmony in their humanity.  The current administration is moving in a direction that is so destructive to our Earth in so many ways.  Of course, there are those of us who oppose their policies.  We find ourselves on the brink of a constitutional crisis. It is time for all of us to find the courage to heal our differences and create a loving nation that is for all people.  It is time for a rebirth of a nation, dedicated to the freedom, fulfillment, equality and happiness for all of it’s people.  Thank you John McCain for who you were and for what you taught us.  From my reborn heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 441 Enriching Life Forever

Enriching Life Forever

Lou Ann and I were discussing both the television show and the blogs I have been sharing.  I know it seems obvious, however I didn’t see the amazing similarity of the messages.  Like not seeing the forests for the trees!  I couldn’t go to sleep, I was so excited.  I remember Jack Canfield telling us that when he and Mark Victor Hansen were writing an inspiring series of books, they didn’t have a title yet.  Jack would go to sleep each night and affirm ” A million dollar title for our books!”  Chicken Soup for the Soul was born and as they say “The rest is history!”

I laid in bed and visualized a title, and what came to me was a song. Some of you kind folks have suggested that I put together our blogs and create a book out of them.  As Lou Ann and I discussed it, we felt the book could be a daily inspired living guide.  Then I thought of the song from the musical Rent.  “Seasons of Love”  The opening line is five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.  The number of minutes in a year.  Then I realized that the Gregorian calendar year actually has three hundred sixty five and a quarter days in it.  Which is five hundred twenty five thousand nine hundred fifty minutes.  That number kept going around in my head

The title of the book could be: About a Half a Million Minutes.  The subtitle would be: A daily guide of Love for all the beings on our planet. Twelve months of connecting with our Hearts and Souls and feeling One again.  I had dreams that I don’t quite remember, however the TV show was just like the book somehow!  I fell asleep with a smile on my face! I encourage all of you to follow your dreams and do what you love.  When we do that, we create the wonderful compassionate, inclusive world we desire! From my enriched heart to yours, Thomas