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Heart to Heart 379


Well behaved women rarely make history.




Renewable Energy, Sustainable Peace.

Vegetarians make better lovers.

Think good thoughts, do good deeds!

Love animals, don’t eat them!

Commit random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

We are all in this together.

Peace and love on our planet.

Zero emissions.



Real men are kind to animals.

No fur.

Peace is possible.

Eat organic.

Those who make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities!

What wisdom can you find, that is greater than kindness?

Lou Ann and I came out of the local Natural Grocery and this shiny new car was parked next to us.  The signs above where all attached to it. It was a Tesla! Times are a changin’!

Ethical Eating: Consumers are connecting ethical and sustainable lifestyles with well being and wellness, creating demand for more ethically prepared foods. Six key consumer trends were identified, with veganism and ‘going meat-free‘ listed as the #1 trend.

The latest research in nutrition continues to show the negative health impact of meat consumption. Last month the largest study conducted so far revealed that people who ate the most red meat were 26 percent more likely to die of nine major diseases than those who consume the least. Major health organisations like The American College of Cardiology are taking notice and are now recommending a plant-based diet citing up-to-date research showing plant-protein is significantly more heart-healthy than animal protein.

Just sayin’! We live in a more toxic Earth, year by year.  Our polluted waterways, the oceans full of plastic and trash.  The chemicals put in processed foods.  The pesticides sprayed on produce.  The antibiotics given to livestock.  It’s a wonder we live as long as we do!

Most of us get to make choices about what we eat and the health of it. Many do not.  Those of us who do, can make the world a healthier place personally and globally by eating better. The Tesla in the parking lot was a sign full of signs about those choices.  I am encouraging us all to make those choices for ourselves, our loved ones and the planet Earth.  From my healthy heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 378

More Serendipity

Earlier today, Lou Ann suggested to me to work on the business plan for our television show.  I shared with her my concern for our personal cash flow and thought I should focus on that.  She reminded me to follow my heart and Universe would take care of the details.

This afternoon, I was lying down thinking how to create more personal income so that Lou Ann and I could continue to do the wonderful conscious work we are honored to do.  (I know, sometimes I don’t listen very well!) As I browsed through the options in my mind, my phone rang. A wonderful lady named Hope called me and was thanking me for encouraging her to go to the complete Illuminate Film Festival four weeks ago.

She said she had driven up to the Performing arts center and had gone inside and purchased a couple of event tickets.  When she went outside to get in her car, it was dead. She called a repair person.  She came back inside and happened to speak to me while I was working at the Love and Support desk.  She said I told her to attend the entire festival because it would serve her.  She purchased an all access pass and went to the entire festival and it inspired her significantly.  She went back outside to greet the repair person and the car started without repair! She is a filmmaker and met other filmmakers who will help her with her next film.  She thanked me so much for encouraging her to go all the way!

I am smiling right now, because this kind of thing happens all the time when I get out of the way and just serve!  Now I will spend some time tonight working on the TV show business plan and allow it to unfold as it desires to do.  And Universe will handle the details of the rest of my life!  From my very humbled heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 377

It’s A Wonderful Thing To Be Me

This is the title of a song that Lou Ann and I used to sing with the Canyon Singers here in Sedona.  It was written by Don Besig and Marcy Henchen.

Here are the lyrics:

When I wake up in the morning and I see a new day dawning

And I see the sky above me and I know somebody loves me,

then I want to stand and shout it , tell the whole wide world about it. 

It’s a wonderful thing to be me!

I can hear the birds a singin’ and I fell like singin’ with ’em,

and a breeze is softly blowing

in my heart, I feel love growing,

For this day is just beginning; all at once I can’t help thinking,

What a wonderful thing to be me and to be free!

Free to walk along the river free to tumble in the grass,

free to chase away the gray clouds from the sky

Free to take your hand and wander through the meadows and the fields. 

Free to capture all the world and call it mine! I’m feeling fine! 

Oh the day has ended sweetly, now the evening comes to greet me,

In my mind I see tomorrow, no it won’t be filled with sorrow.

For I see a new day coming, through the meadows I’ll be running.

What a wonderful thing to be me, and to be free!

I have tears in my eyes as I remember singing this song with that wonderful group led so lovingly by Sandy Reid for some twenty five years. The words are universal for our lives and our time.  There is so much stress and tension these days, if we watch TV or listen to the news.  Lou Ann I were organizing a bunch of music  and I found this song.  The words immediately take me back to a time of my youth when I spent almost all day, outdoors.

I wish for all of you a new day coming, where you can wander through the meadows and the fields and connect with nature.  Take a deep breath and sing this refrain: It’s a wonderful thing to be me and to be free!  From my nostalgic heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 376

Love the Life You’re With!

I was having a conversation with a friend and she was sharing a story about her life.  She was creating a way of living that felt natural and supportive.  Then she said “Life got in the way.”  I have said the same thing and perhaps most of us have.  We have this dream or idea and we get excited about it.  Then we “have” to make a living.  Then the passion often gets put on the back burner.  And many times it never makes it to the front burner and gets completely forgotten. Remember the song “Love the One you’re with” by Stephen Stills? That song came to me, as my friend and I were talking.  I said it feels like life has to be a certain way for us to be happy.  What if we allowed Universe to take over our dream and we then love the life we have created.

I know sometimes our life creation doesn’t feel so hot!  However, even when we are stuck in a place that doesn’t appear what we have intended.  We can sometimes find a small bit of cheerfulness under the mess.  There is a wonderful article in the current July issue of Oprah.  Molly Simms and thirty one other Oprah staffers attended a month long course on being happy.  It was taught by a Yale Psychology professor, Laurie Santos.  Santos taught this course in the spring of this year, titled Psychology and the Good Life.  Twenty five per cent of the undergrads signed up for it!  Making it the most popular in Yale’s history! That is thrilling to think, that our young adults are not just focused on what they desire to achieve.  They want to be happy as well!

If we can’t have the life we think we want, let’s love the life we have created.  David Steindl-Rast said “It is not happiness that makes us grateful, It’s gratefulness that makes us happy.”  Let us take a moment each day, as we arise or when we are going to sleep are two good times, to make a gratitude list.  There is a double gift we receive when doing this practice.  We get to recall what actually occurred to bring us happiness and the immediate pleasure of reliving it again.  So, if you can’t be in the life you want, love the life you’re with!  From my happy heart to yours, Thomas



Heart to Heart 375

Ebb and Flow

Sometimes I sit in front of this screen and wonder what to share.  Sometimes I sit for a long time.  I believe I have told you, that I try to never say the same thing in exactly the same way.  I am not sure why?  I get bored hearing the same thing.  Of course this is a blog to whomever decides to read it.  It is also a blog to me.  I am writing to myself along with you.  You probably have more patience than I?  Right now, it is ebb time.  Mostly, it is flow time.

I know that I share the same subjects in many of the blogs.  It is when my mind gets in the way that there is less flow and more ebb.  I am writing like Julia Cameron suggested many years ago in her wonderful book The Artist Way.  I am writing whatever comes to mind without being focused on a particular subject, except the movement of the tides, I referred to earlier.  I am now pausing and allowing my inner self to share.

We are life expressing in a very unique way.  No two things are completely alike.  No two humans writing or reading blogs, understand them exactly the same way.  I know that I love expressing my experience of what I know of Spirit, with you.  I don’t claim to be an expert or all knowledgeable.  I am just another spark of Oneness reminding me and you of our incredible journey.  It is awesome that we have minds along with our souls to be able to think and to speak.  I appreciate everyone of you who, take the time to be with me through these pages.  There are a lot of things to do in today’s world.  I am honored that you choose to be here whenever you do.

When you find yourself kind of stuck like I am tonight, take a deep breath.  Relax and let life come to you.  Let that part of you that is timeless and all knowing take the reins of your life.  Surrender to your innate goodness and all will be well.  From my flowing heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 374


Lou Ann and I were watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  It is another J. K. Rowling rollicking, fun adventure.  One of the main characters is called No-Maj., meaning he doesn’t do magic.  In the wizarding world, in the Harry Potter books, they were called Muggles.  It reminds me that all of us have some of these qualities in us.  There are definitely times when I feel like a No-Maj and things are an effort to accomplish.  And then there are times when it almost feels like I could cast a spell and make my dreams come true.  Far fewer of those, so far for me.

Then I recall, many years ago, I learned how to do personal treasure mapping.  We would gather up all sorts of pictures, written articles, symbols and put them on a white poster board to create our life dreams.  It was fun going through all the material and create a gorgeous display that was often hidden in my heart.  Just the act of placing them on a board in living color, gave me a lift.  Then life would get in the way, meaning me!  I would stash them away in some closet out of sight.

Then we would clean out that closet or get ready to move and discover it hidden, rolled up and dusty.  Then the magic part of us would appear.  When we opened them up and flattened them out, we would cheer!  So many of the things we desired to do had manifested, not all but a lot!  Then I would realize that some part of me was working on my life almost like magic.  A part of me that was a wizard at doing what my soul intended was smiling.  If you have not done treasure mapping; I urge you to do so.  There is enough “No-Majing” going around.  Let us discover the amazing talents and gifts we keep hidden and create magnificent lives!  From my magic heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 373

Thank you God!

Yesterday I was playing tennis in a men’s doubles match.   One of the opposing players hit a winning shot and exclaimed “Thank God”.  It occurred to me that I have never heard him say “Thank God” when missing a shot.  It is easy to thank higher powers when we are winning at life.  Not so much when things are going the other way. We are eternal particles of God’s energy and we are creating everything.  We get to take the credit for hitting or missing our goals and dreams.  Tennis feels easy when a player is in the flow.  We seem to hit most shots well and they find an empty space or the opponent doesn’t return the shot. It is usually not that easy in other parts of our soul’s journey

In life, there are so many factors that go into each experience.  Our mood, our health, our environment, our ancestry, our upbringing, our mind, our judgments and our feelings to list a few.  I think it is helpful to thank God for every life experience.  Whether it is what we may have intended or not. Of course when we are in the middle of a tragedy, it is hardly ever easy to see the good or sometimes the God.  It has been my life experience that often those events that I felt the least thankful for when they occurred, turn out to be the most profound. Most life events don’t have life and death outcomes however.  We make choices and the results we create can be celebrated because we are Divine and we are part of All That Is and that makes them sacred. Whether we like the outcome or not. To be alive and awake to know we are spiritual beings is enough to say “Thank God”  From my thankful heart to yours, Thomas



Heart to Heart 372


We usually have popcorn on Friday night at home, while we watch Real Time.  We are working on creating the next phase in our life.  We are involved in several projects including the possibility of creating a TV show.  It feels completely normal to be creating it.  Like we have been preparing for it, a long time.  We also are helping folks get Structured water.  Which is very alive and healthy.  And we are inviting our neighbors to put solar on their homes.  And we are working on permaculturing our land around our home. This is planting a variety of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in the way nature would do it. And we have lots of vacation rental guests coming to our home.  Life is busy and sweet.

We probably will never retire in the classic sense.  We love being involved and making a difference when and where we can. The irony may be that Lou Ann is 72 and I am 77 and it feels like we are just starting out on our life adventure!  I am sharing this, only to say, if you are a baby boomer or older like me, life is not over by any means.  We have a good friend Larry Rosenberg who has created his own musical about his life.  Sedona is filled with septuagenarians and older, who are living passionate, committed lives of consequence.  My wish is for everyone to awake in the morning with a sense of purpose.  A feeling of being young at heart.  Most of us do not know how long this particular life journey will last.  Please make the most of it for yourself and for all the creatures on spaceship Earth who need your love, talent, experience and energy!  From my young heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 371


We folks in the northern hemisphere refer to this time of year (June 20-22) to be the summer solstice.  It is when the Earth reaches 23.5 degrees in the Zodiac sign of Cancer.  In the southern hemisphere this occurs six months later when we experience our winter solstice in the north.  The word solstice comes from Latin meaning sun stoppage.  The Earth is tilted on it’s axis and as it makes this rotation around the sun in an elliptical orbit, it appears to stand still at the summer and winter solstice point.

So this may be a time for us to take a small break and shift our focus a little.  While the Earth appears to rest, it might be advisable for it’s inhabitants to take a deep breath and relax.  Our culture appears to be driven. We feel like we are going to run out of time.  Perhaps there is an internal clock prodding us to do as much as we can in the span of a lifetime.  However, there is also an eternal clock that is not ticking.  It has never kept time and has no hands to go around it’s face, like our timepieces.  It sits at zero and will remain there.

However, back on Terra firma. We can take this time to be grateful for the sun in our solar system.  It gives everything life in the physical form.  It is about 4.6 billion years old and will be in the same form for some five billion more years.  Enough time for you and I to get in a bunch of incarnations.  The sun is like our souls.  It breathes life and light into every particle on Earth.  Our soul breathes spirit into our physical being and makes it a glorious life experience.  It might be an excellent time to give thanks to the sol and the soul.  They are who we are in spirit and in form.  Each day we can remind ourselves of our connection to light.  It is who we are.  Happy summer solstice to everyone and everything.  May we go into the next phase of this year with a peaceful heart filled with the gratitude of shining our light so that all creatures of Earth know they are loved.  From my shining heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 370

The Nature of Our Being

I mentioned that Lou Ann and I were with Devin yesterday.  His full name is Devin Mikles. He is a gorgeous soul.  He has been a practicing medical doctor for some thirty four years.  Until yesterday, I did not know the extent of his awareness and deep spiritual knowledge.   He channels or writes poetry that I would like to share with you.  Here is the first.

The Rebirthday Room

In every moment we die and are reborn into the void from

A nothingness that is the fecund, all pervading

Indivisible, preexisting, always perfected emptiness,

That is undeniably complete and total love-bliss consciousness.

Only in the room of the Divine Heart of this constantly appearing,

Revealed true nature of eternal, infinite, immutable happiness,

Can we find a refuge authentic enough to shed the hard

Skin of the ego’s I, and make the translation to the truly real.

Let us embrace the icy fingers of the valley of separate death

That we may be reanimated beyond the shadow of seeking, fear and longing

Into the bright heart of devotion, compassion and endless

Forever now in recognition of our One and True Reality.

May we always know the Beloved on sight fully in every

Human, hill, animal, plant and stone, forsaking all illusions.

And may the peace that passes beyond our understanding

Be the walking path of our Sadhana reaching ever to the Star of Isness.


Please read this more than once to get the full depth of this wonderful sharing.

We are a vital part of the Oneness of everything.  We are not separate in any way.  We have all knowing in our soul.  It is time for us to reclaim our awareness of our Divinity.  If we awake to this possibility.  It doesn’t make us better in any way.  If we stop and take the time to realize that everyone and everything in Universe is the same, it can give us peace.  We can perhaps relax and move through life with a different way of being.  No more hectic exploration.  No more fearing death.  We can breathe into our present moment and let our Divine connection, lead us through this incarnation.  Welcome to planet Earth beautiful beings of light and love.  Enjoy the ride!  From my eternal heart to yours, Thomas